How to Deal With Stubborn Aging Parents?

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Growing up and taking on the caregiver role, you always strive to provide the best care possible for your parents. However, stubbornness may get into the picture when the time comes, making it more challenging to look after your parents. They no longer accept your help or consider your advice. They may even become completely […]

Estate Planning for Seniors

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Most people believe that estate planning only applies to affluent families or superstars. The truth is that, regardless of wealth and age, everyone should have an estate plan to safeguard themselves and their loved ones and provide a clear path to resolution when a tragedy strikes. Only 34% of American adults have an estate plan […]

How to Afford Assisted Living When Your Parents Run Out of Money?

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Given the soaring inflation, there is a grim reality that most American seniors may not have enough to afford assisted living and other senior housing by 2033. What happens to the elderly with no money? While it is evident that they struggle to make ends meet from day to day, another repercussion faced is a […]

Ways to Help Your Elderly Parents Deal With Depression

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Over the years, depression has been recognized as a health condition that can eat away a person’s life, not just an “all in your head” issue. While younger generations are paying more attention to mental health, depressed older adults are still reluctant to seek support due to the social stigma of depression. On a brighter […]

9 Fun Activities Elderly People Should Do to Avoid Memory Loss

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How often do you hear your parents complain about not being able to locate car keys or forgetting the names of their year-long neighbors sometimes? While forgetfulness is normal to some extent, mainly if you are under heavy stress, these subtle signs in seniors indicate that they may be transitioning to a not-so-exciting stage where […]

Tax Forgiveness & Relief for Seniors: Deductions You Need to Know

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Retirees over 65 often face inevitable financial challenges as they have to juggle between covering life expenses and fulfilling their tax obligations. Luckily, one of the advantages of getting older is the opportunity to take a break from taxes. From standard tax deductions to state income tax subsidies, these tax deductions can provide some financial […]

Easy Meal Planning Ideas for Our Elderly Loved Ones

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When seniors don’t meet recommended daily nutrients, their health can suffer. The lack of nutrients or malnutrition makes seniors more vulnerable to increased health risks, complications, prolonged hospital stays, or even death due to slower recovery. While age-related health problems like diabetes or hypertension are uncontrollable at times, it is much easier to keep malnutrition […]

5 Books About Dementia to Help You With Your Elderly Loved Ones

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Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia are difficult for seniors and caregivers alike. Guiding seniors through this tough stage of life with intuition, utmost devotion, selflessness, and persistence sometimes is not enough. That’s why learning more about dementia and Alzheimer’s is so important. It helps caregivers better prepare for unexpected situations, solve day-to-day issues, […]

How to Use the AARP Retirement Calculator

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Instead of wondering, “Am I saving enough?” or “How much should I save?” you can use several online calculators to estimate how much you will need to pursue a comfortable retirement and stress-free aging process. These tools are free and easy to use, making them incredible resources for anyone to navigate their retirement years. They […]

7 Health Tips for Spring to Prepare Your Parents

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With spring around the corner, there is no better time than now to help your parents boost their energy, fine-tune their focus, and adopt a new lifestyle to welcome the spring season after long, gloomy winter days. Whether that means getting up and moving more, eating healthier, practicing mindfulness, or immersing in nature, there are […]

How Much Does Assisted Living Cost | Important Factors You Need to Consider

Most assisted living residences charge between $3,000 and $6,000 per month, with an average of around $4,300. Find out more about the costs of assisted living.

As your parents’ age, they might need further assistance with daily tasks they can no longer do alone. Senior living communities can offer much-needed assistance, allowing seniors to maintain their health and well-being, make new friends, and access the support they need to age gracefully. As a caregiver, your top priority is to ensure your […]

How to Furnish an Assisted Living Apartment

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A comfortable and harmonious living space contributes to happy and healthy aging. Moving from a home to a senior living community is a significant change for most seniors. It raises many questions about the new living space, such as how to decorate and what belongings to declutter. This relocation can leave seniors and their caregivers […]

How to Talk to Elderly Parents About Moving?

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Tips on how to talk to elderly parents about moving include educating yourself first, preparing a list of questions, explaining why moving is necessary, having an in-person talk, discussing senior living options, and offering your support.