Assisted Living

Caring for your loved one doesn’t have to be a solo journey. We’re here to WALK WITH YOU.

The challenges of caring for an older adult family member can be hard for any son or daughter to manage. You don’t have to go it alone. Our Assisted Living communities serves as an extension of your family to provide the loving care and supportive surroundings you want and need to help your loved one to thrive and enjoy life!

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KNOWING YOUR FAMILY MEMBER IS SURROUNDED BY COMPASSIONATE CARE From managing any daily medication needs to providing a highly engaging environment, we do it all to help your loved one thrive!

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YOUR LOVED ONE’S ZEST FOR LIFE AS THEY ENJOY NEW BEGINNINGS AND FRIENDSHIPS With each day like a reunion of great friends and family, your senior family member can now focus on living life to its fullest potential!

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TO THE JOYS OF BEING A SON OR DAUGHTER AGAIN, RATHER THAN THE CAREGIVER Caregiving can be hard. So let go and let us! Our care teams love to provide the exceptional care you want for your family member.

You want your mom and dad to enjoy their life to the absolute fullest. But how do you do it while managing your own life?

Your parents have always been there for you. But now? It’s been your turn to show up and help them overcome the challenges that naturally come with age. There’s only one problem. You have your own life to live. And it’s filled with a crowded schedule and growing list of daily responsibilities! So ask yourself: How would you like to have a trusted team of highly trained partners to walk with you in this journey? We strive to confidently serve you and your elder parent to ensure they:

By introducing your family member to one of our Assisted Living communities, you can empower them to regain their sense of independence and position them to live a more rewarding and fulfilling life. And you can return to the joys of your relationship with your parent.

Let us help guide you there.

Rekindle your special relationship.

Your 12 Oaks-managed Assisted Living community serves as an extension of your family’s devoted care. We’re here for you and for those you love. With 24/7 care available, you can rest easy knowing your parent or grandparent always has the help they need, when they need it. You can expect:

Ready to start experiencing an exciting, care-free senior lifestyle today? Here’s what to do next!

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