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Three of the Top Reasons to ‘Make The Move’ in Retirement

When it comes to retirement living, what do you picture? Years ago, the goal was to remain at home as long as possible. Today, however, active adults are learning more...

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What to Expect – and Enjoy – from Daily Life in Independent Living

Independent living can provide active older adults a deeper sense of independence - and peace of mind - inside a community full of like-minded people. It balances the various needs...

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What Happens After “The Talk” About Senior Living Options

You’ve had “The Talk” with your loved one about making plans for their long term care and they’ve agreed to consider it. Congratulations, that’s a huge step in the right...

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6 Benefits of Having “The Talk” with Your Aging Loved One Sooner

It's hard to think about your aging parent or loved one requiring help with routine tasks of activities of daily living. It can be even harder to get up the...

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The Value of Memory Care for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

It can be hard on your family when your loved one begins to need more support than can be provided at home. This is especially true when caring for loved...

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Why “The Talk” with Your Aging Parents Should Be More Than One Conversation

You often hear about "The Talk" when it comes to opening the sit down conversation with an elder parent to discuss their long term care plans and needs. It's important...

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Getting Your Family on the Same Page for Your Loved One’s Senior Care

Family dynamics can be complicated, particularly during times of crisis and/or when big decisions need to be made. One such time is when a loved one needs senior care. Our...

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How to Make Hard Conversations Easier with Your Aging Loved One

We embrace aging in our communities, but at the same time realize that change is often scary for families. While life can still be vibrant and full as your loved...

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There’s More to Senior Living than Care

Care has always been a core component of senior living. However, in today’s senior living communities there’s much more to the experience. In fact, while care absolutely still has its...

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The Truth about Technology and Independence in Senior Living

Like it or not, technology is now central to life for most of us. It’s the key to convenience, connection and, many seniors feel, the key to maintaining independence. Not...

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Staying at Home versus Assisted Living During COVID-19

Figuring out how best to support your loved one when they need extra help is complex on its own, but throw in a pandemic and the decision takes on a...

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The Dangers of Senior Isolation

When you think of the word ‘isolation’ what comes to mind? You may picture a remote location. Or perhaps someone separated during a contagious illness. Likely you don’t picture yourself...

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