Senior Living Guides

Informational guides on choosing the right community and living a fulfilled life.


Telltale Warning Signs Guide

Get your free copy of our guide to the warning signs of dementia onset. Know what to look for, and how to recognize it may be time for senior living.


Memory Care Guide – Symphony of Life®

Download our Just The Facts: Guide To Memory Care for all you need to know about finding the right solution for a loved one with a Dementia diagnosis.


Is it Time to Have the Talk?

This guide provides insights and strategies for having productive discussions with your loved one about long-term care. Is it Time to Have the Talk?

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Home Care vs. Senior Living

Stay or Go Guide: A deep-dive into the differences between home care and senior living to help you make an informed decision. Live life your way… live it vibrantly!

cover 12OaksFinancialSolutions

A Family Guide to Funding Senior Care & Housing

Financial Guide: For more information on the costs of senior housing and care, how to build a budget and creative funding solutions, download our Financial Solutions Guide!


Your Guide To Choosing The Right Senior Living Community

Family Decision Toolkit: Tips on how to know when it’s time to consider moving to senior living and how to have the conversation with your loved ones.

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How to decide between staying home and senior living

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