5 Books About Dementia to Help You With Your Elderly Loved Ones

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Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia are difficult for seniors and caregivers alike.

Guiding seniors through this tough stage of life with intuition, utmost devotion, selflessness, and persistence sometimes is not enough. That’s why learning more about dementia and Alzheimer’s is so important. It helps caregivers better prepare for unexpected situations, solve day-to-day issues, and improve seniors’ quality of life.

To help you along your journey, we have picked five books about dementia and Alzheimer’s to help you understand the disease and answer the most pressing questions when caring for dementia seniors.


Make Caregiving Easier With 5 Inspiring & Educational Books About Dementia

5 Must-Read Books About Dementia

The journey of giving care is tough, as it requires ongoing effort and around-the-clock care to keep the life of seniors on the right track. Misperceptions and wrong perspectives can undermine the relationship between caregivers and seniors due to arising misunderstandings and unresolved conflicts.

Here are some of the best books about dementia to make your caregiving journey easier.


Learning to Speak Alzheimer’s: A Groundbreaking Approach for Everyone Dealing with The Disease

12Oaks-1 Learning to Speak Alzheimer_s- A Groundbreaking Approach for Everyone Dealing with The Disease

Miscommunication can exacerbate the tensions between both sides in any battle. That’s why Joanne Koenig Coste emphasizes the importance of communication in Learning to Speak Alzheimer’s, as she has a belief that enhanced communication can bridge the gap between caregivers and seniors with dementia.

With a five-step method for dealing with progressive dementia and practical approaches, one of the best books about dementia nurtures the relationship between the person with dementia and their caregiver, keeping it from hitting rock bottom.

By relating with seniors living with dementia and their reality, caregivers can keep up with changes and make in-time adjustments to prevent further conflicts, leverage care methods, and improve seniors’ quality of life as the disease progresses. Learning to Speak Alzheimer’s empowers caregivers to keep pace with the disease by offering a handful of helpful how-to tips, as follows:

  • Cope with the diagnosis and adjust to the disease’s progression
  • Face the issue of driving
  • Help the patient talk about their illness
  • Make bath and meals time as pleasant as possible
  • Adjust room design for extra comfort
  • Deal with wandering, paranoia, and aggression


See what readers are saying on Goodreads.

“I think what drives my five-star rating for this book was my five-star need to find a roadmap into the Alzheimer disease which is taking my 92 year old mother from me slowly, by inches and by days. If your time comes, you will be better able to function as a caregiver if you have read this book and kept it as a readily accessible resource.”

“Joanne Koenig Coste’s groundbreaking book helped many people whose loved ones have the disease to view Alzheimer’s, not as a scourge to combat, but as a language to learn.”


Creating Moments of Joy Along the Alzheimer’s Journey: A Guide for Families and Caregivers

12Oaks-2 Creating Moments of Joy Along the Alzheimer_s Journey- A Guide for Families and Caregivers

Despite being expanded to the fifth edition, Jolene Brackley‘s best-selling book about dementia conveys an unchanging message: people will forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

While it can be challenging to fight off dementia and Alzheimer’s, we should learn to redirect our energies and efforts toward creating moments of joy to put a smile on seniors’ faces. Fond memories and wonderful moments filled with laughter give seniors something to cherish for many years, even if their brains don’t function as well as before.

See what readers are saying on Goodreads.

“I loved this book and I will be giving it to everyone I know who is a caregiver or family member of someone with any form of dementia.”

“Great overall message & good practical tips. Favorites: loving lies, imagine things from their perspective, tap into their long term memories, avoid asking about short term memories, don’t argue or fight with them about anything – just re-direct & try again from a different perspective, help to create moments of joy for them, they cannot change their disease, so we need to change our attitudes & tactics.”


Thoughtful Dementia Care: Understanding the Dementia Experience

12Oaks-3 Thoughtful Dementia Care- Understanding the Dementia Experience

In Thoughtful Dementia Care, Jennifer Ghent-Fuller takes readers and caregivers back to square one of dementia and describes the world through the eyes of seniors with memory loss. So caregivers can stay prepared, adjust their reactions, and make informed decisions to better care for seniors experiencing drastic personality changes.

The Canadian author goes deep into explaining the nature of dementia, thinking processes, losses associated with different types of memory, and its adverse impacts on seniors’ overall well-being, perspective, and daily life. She also considers the emotional baggage caregivers may carry on their journey.

With years of experience working as a healthcare provider and counselor, Jennifer has done a great job of explaining complex medical methodologies in plain language, raising greater awareness about dementia. The incorporation of real-life experience throughout the book better explains each key takeaway, empowering caregivers in each step and stage.

See what readers are saying on Goodreads.

“If you have a loved one stricken with dementia, or if you can read this before that happens, this is the most informative book I have read. The information has helped me 100%. I now understand what is happening behind my father’s eyes.”

“This book was so insightful into the journey of dementia. I’ll admit it was really hard and emotional to gain an understanding of what someone with dementia experiences. I can’t imagine how scary and lonely it would be. I hope that with the knowledge I gained, I will be able to help my loved ones through this journey and be more compassionate and patient.”


I’m Still Here: A New Philosophy of Alzheimer’s Care

12Oaks-4 I_m Still Here- A New Philosophy of Alzheimer_s Care

When receiving a diagnosis, much attention is paid to caregivers and family members, not the person who will live with the disease for the next decades.

Unlike other books, John Zeisel takes a new twist on raising awareness about dementia and other forms of memory loss. Instead of narrating the story through the voice of outsiders, he shifts the attention to where it belongs: the complicated feelings and vulnerable thoughts of people living with the disease.

Through this unique lens, the book aims to help caregivers gain new perspectives. So they can better connect with their seniors in deeper, more compassionate ways beyond the barriers of tension, confusion, and misunderstanding.

See what readers are saying on Goodreads.

“This would be a good book for anyone with a family member/friend with Alzheimer’s to read. Might actually be good to read before the diagnosis.”


Activities to Do with Your Parent Who Has Alzheimer’s Dementia

12Oaks-5 Activities to Do with Your Parent Who Has Alzheimer_s Dementia

In addition to resolving emotional tension and misunderstanding, catering creative activities for seniors with dementia is another must-do to keep them physically, emotionally, and mentally engaged with the world and rediscover happiness. While healthy seniors have tons of recreational endeavors to choose from, it may not be the case for seniors living with dementia.

This book introduces diverse activity ideas to help seniors boost their sharpness, maintain their independence, and enhance their ability to perform self-care and daily tasks. Caregivers joining in these activities can have more opportunities to interact with seniors.

It includes:

  • More than 50 activities and how to do them
  • Sources to support Alzheimer’s and dementia
  • Burnout prevention ideas for caregivers
  • Room-by-room safety tips and suggestions
  • Safety assessment for home and personal care
  • Definitions of medical terms


See what readers are saying on Goodreads.

“Great ideas which are neither messy nor time-consuming NOR babyish. Getting a copy of my own.”

“Many imaginative and simple ideas for activities anyone can do with a loved one who has dementia. You cannot have too much information on this topic!”


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