Each of us has a unique life story. A history all our own. When a senior is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or a similar form of dementia, it’s essential to find ways to allow them to stay connected to their story.

Helping seniors to thrive in their community is the passion and purpose of every 12 Oaks-managed Assisted Living or Memory Care community. You can trust us to care for your senior loved one in a manner that honors and remembers their personal life history.

A Place to Call “Home”

Members of our Memory Care team have the experience and compassion adults with dementia require. Having continuity in caregivers allows Residents, families, and Staff to build strong, trusting bonds with one another. It’s a Person-centered model of care that ensures each Resident is recognized for their unique life journey and the special qualities thye possess.

Our team works collaboratively to develop an individualized Resident Plan for each person who calls a 12 Oaks Memory Care Community. The plan begins with acknowledging each Resident’s personal interests and abilities, and builds from there. We conduct continual assessments of each senior’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs to ensure they are met.

Here are a few of the many unique benefits our Memory Care Assisted Living communities offer to Residents and families:

  • Personal care assistance, including management of medications
  • Secure environment with 24-hour Resident oversight
  • Support with activities of daily living, such as bathing, grooming, and continence care
  • Commitment to ensuring each Resident’s dignity is protected
  • Healthy meals served restaurant style in a supportive environment designed for the unique needs of adults with dementia
  • Transportation for supervised Resident outings and appointments
  • Housekeeping, laundry, and maintenance services
  • A wide range of stimulating daily activities and events



When adults with dementia stay active and engaged with everyday life, it can help slow the progression of their memory-related decline. With our SYMPHONY OF LIFE® Memory Care program, staying connected in meaningful ways is easier.

At 12 Oaks Memory Care communities, we use the healing harmony of music, art, pets, and more to lift the spirits and stimulate the mind, which is essential for adults with dementia. From musical entertainment and sing-a-longs to arts and crafts projects, we create enriching experiences for Residents.

We also have senior-friendly fitness activities designed to promote better balance, maintain core strength, and improve quality of sleep. These can all be challenges people with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia encounter.

Refreshing Indoor Air

We’re pleased to announce that Reunion Court of Kingwood, Reunion Court of The Woodlands, and Wyndham Court of Plano now feature the WellAir ecosystem for healthy indoor air. Exclusive to our Memory Care community, this innovative air purification system has been independently tested and proven to actively reduce viruses, bacteria, particulate, mold and VOCs in indoor air.

Visit our Community

Join those who live and love their life at one of our communities. At 12 Oaks Senior Living, we look forward to welcoming you home and helping celebrate all that you are.

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What our residents say

My parents moved in Wyndham Court of Plano and it has been a blessing for our entire family. I know longer have to worry about my parent being alone and not able to get to them in time, if something happens. My parents enjoy the great food, the many activities and the super friendly staff. Thank you Wyndham Court of Plano.

Yolande Harrison
What our residents say

Into my third week living at Reunion Court of Kingwood! At 89 I am extremely satisfied & happy with these facilities. Certainly not lonely anymore. Food, fellowship, activities & format is so gratifying & well managed. I highly recommend Reunion Court for whatever your Senior age requirements might be!

Guy Worsham
What our residents say

My 90-year-old mother has been at Wyndham Court of Plano for nearly four years and we love the staff!  My husband and I are local so I usually see her 3-4 days a week and she is so happy to be there! This is a small community so my mom is known and loved by all!  She is so involved in the daily activities and I am so happy to have the support from this friendly staff!

Suzy Kuhlman
What our residents say

My mother has lived in the independent living community for 2 years. They are very attentive to their residents’ needs. Recently, mom had a hospitalization and need to transition back to a respite care setting in assistant living. They went above and beyond to make that happen with my mother’s comfort and care to be the primary focus!

Cheryl Oller
What our residents say

I love living here (Reunion Court of Kingwood).  I came three months ago and have made more friends than I dreamed possible.  I have not met anybody that is not cheerful and kind. There are many fun activities to do, a beautiful movie/chapel theater, library, tea room, exercise room, and lunchroom that serves fine dining with white tablecloths and waitresses.

Peggy Gifford
What our residents say

My mother in law resided in memory care at Reunion Court of Kingwood for a year and a half. We couldn’t have asked for better people to care for our loved ones.  Trina loved her and treated her like she was her own mother. Much love and thanks to all of you for everything you did for her and for us.

Anna Tankersley
What our residents say

My wife was admitted to the Memory Care unit at Wyndham Court of Plano this month. I found Mr. Preston Smith to be extremely knowledgeable and courteous. I couldn’t have done this without Preston.

James Shaver
What our residents say

Great team of managers! Caring, and compassionate caregivers! Home-like family-focused community specializing in excellent care!

Monica Wells-Robertson

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