Memory Care

Your family member has never been typical. Their support and care shouldn’t be either. Let’s begin by stepping into LIFE IN THEIR SHOES.

When exploring options to care for your family member with dementia, Alzheimer’s or another form of memory loss, you want more than just a bed for them to sleep in and a meal on a tray.  More than survive, you want to see them thrive!  Here’s good news for you and your family member:  We don’t offer “typical” memory care, content with a focus on personal care services more in tune with skilled nursing.

As we welcome your loved one into one of our Memory Care communities, we begin by getting acquainted with their life story.  We place great value and attention in getting to know their history and what makes them special.  Our approach is highly personalized and purposefully orchestrated.  We look to support their individual interests and abilities to empower them to live their best life right now!  With our exclusive SYMPHONY OF LIFE® memory care program, each day is purposefully orchestrated to serve your family member in body, mind AND spirit to help them stay connected to their story!

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To Serve Body

We promote physical health and well-being through balanced diet, managing medications, senior-friendly exercise and a host of vibrant daily activities.

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To Serve Mind

As we develop a relationship of trust with your loved one, we’ll help them to stay connected to their own “life story.” We stimulate brain health by engaging the five senses.

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To Serve Spirit

We pay tribute to the human spirit by celebrating milestones and achievements. Memory boxes and meaningful connections with others help to reflect on life’s journeys.

Memory care that recognizes the needs of the families as well

We haven’t forgotten that memory loss also affects families…physically, emotionally, and even spiritually.  We deeply understand the many challenges you’re facing as the family caregiver, counselor and advocate for your loved one. 

We’re here to walk with you and to help guide you through what can often seem like a dark forest of tangled vines and brush-filled pathways. 

For the family caregiver, the age-related changes that accompany those with dementia and Alzheimer’s can be some of life’s most difficult to face, including these warning signs:

We provide a warm community with 24/7 exceptional care

Much like our Assisted Care communities, our Memory Care program provides your family member with everything they need to thrive meaningfully on a daily basis.

With our Memory Care communities, your loved one can always expect:

We help your loved one stay engaged with quality care design

Daily animation helps slow the progression of any memory-related decline. 

That’s why our Symphony of Life® program engages the five senses through a custom-tailored plan that supports your loved one’s interests and abilities. 

Our fitness classes, music, creative arts and leisure activities are designed to help your family member build on their strengths and thrive bigger and better every single day. 

We also:


We use Citrus and Peppermint scented oil on towels before breakfast and lunch meals to help stimulate appetite and Lavender in the evening to start to improve relaxation.


Instead of using standard white plates, we use red plates to make it easier for your loved one to see their food. We also use jamber mugs to give them an easier grip for drinking.


We provide Eversound headsets to improve hearing for your family member when they’re listening to music and when you’re talking to them during visits.


Pet therapy helps reduce blood pressure, improve cardiovascular health and release calming endorphins. And in case of allergies, we’ve got robo-pets that are just as cuddly as the real thing!

We make sure your loved one is thriving beyond just their physical wellbeing

Like most memory care programs, we place tons of emphasis on supporting your family member’s physical wellbeing. 

But there’s more to a person than just the physical. That’s why our Symphony of Life® embraces the entirety of a person by encompassing their body, mind, spirit and community. 

We begin by learning about your loved one’s personal interests and abilities so we can harmonize a lifestyle specifically catered to them that is expressed across:


Where we help them thrive physically through a delicious, balanced diet and daily opportunities to stay active and healthy.


Where we make sure they’re staying connected to their story and expanding on their unique strengths and character.


Where we get them to remember the beauty of their life journey by celebrating major moments and milestones throughout their lifetime.


Where we give them plenty of opportunities to connect with friends and family so they’re building lasting new memories.

Ready to help your family member thrive within a supportive community designed just for them? Here’s what to do next!

To learn more about one of our communities, call us at 214-445-4609 or fill out the form below to speak with one of our advisors and schedule your own personalized tour today!

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