Life After 65: 6 Tips to Improve Quality of Life of Older Adults

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Retirement used to be stigmatized by society as a time of boredom, isolation, or loneliness. But that’s not the case anymore!

These days, many seniors celebrate life after 65 as they see it as a chance and privilege to live in the moment and to pursue their favorite activities and passions. Many seniors are also able to enrich their inner world and mental health through traveling and adventures after years of hard work.

Thanks to advanced medical care and prolonged life expectancy, a growing number of seniors can choose more ways to improve their quality of life and also achieve a more meaningful life — one that allows them to thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally as they age.

If you want to help your parents make the most of their golden years, our six tips below are for you! These proven tips will improve their quality of life and help them live the life they deserve after 65.


6 Tips for Seniors to Keep Thriving Through Improved Quality of Life

Understanding Quality of Life

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), quality of life (QOL) is defined as “an individual’s perception of their position in life in the context of the culture and value system in which they live and in relation to their goals, expectations, standards, and concerns.”

In other words, quality of life refers to a person perceiving and managing their life in a way that increases their satisfaction, comfort, and sense of accomplishment through practical techniques or participation in life experiences and activities.


6 Dynamic Tips to Improve the Life of Adults After 65

Consideration of the quality of life of older adults or seniors aged 65 and above has sparked a great deal of attention in recent years, resulting in an abundance of information on what  contributes to a good quality of life for this age group.

Here are our best tips to help your parents thrive and enrich their life after the age of 65.


Maintain Well-Being All Year Around

12Oaks-daughter and senior parent enjoy dinner-as-1 Maintain Well-Being All Year Around

One of the best ways to elevate your parents’ quality of life is through well-catered maintenance and care for their general well-being. Healthy well-being is equivalent to a good quality of life. Such practical measures ensure they are healthy and receive in-time interventions and assistance in emergencies or unforeseen events.

  • Eat a healthy diet — Add nutrient-packed foods, deep-green vegetables, fresh fruits, lean meats, and whole grains to your parents’ plates. Avoid processed and sugary foods, limit sodium intake, and reduce alcohol consumption.
  • Get plenty of sleep — Seniors must sleep 7 to 9 hours per night. However, many keep tossing and turning at night due to an imbalance of natural sleep hormones that happens with age. Take your parents to the doctor to determine underlying causes and acquire appropriate medical interventions.
  • Don’t skip regular health examinations and checkups — Monthly or annual health checkups or preventive care are effective illness prevention. Getting your parents vaccinated is another way to assist them in fighting off fatal seasonal flu and colds.
  • Give a close observation of their bodily functions — Take notes of the slightest changes in their health. This practice ensures they get prompt treatment if they show any unusual symptoms.
  • Keep up with prescriptions and medications — Medications are essential to most seniors’ health and wellness. However, managing medications can become a nightmare for caregivers. Help your parents record their prescriptions and gather all medications in one place for easy access. Don’t forget to stock refills.
  • Learn how to manage stress and anxiety — Chronic stress and anxiety can worsen your parents’ health, particularly with other illnesses. Check for stress relief tips here
  • Avoid contact with sick people — It’s better to be safe than sorry. Limit your parents’ contact with others if there’s a flu outbreak nearby. Remind them to wear a facemask and wash their hands frequently when going outside.


Get Up & Move

12Oaks-Senior woman doing aqua aerobic-as-2 Get Up _ Move

Many seniors suffer from health issues brought on by their sedentary lifestyle. While the decisions to stay in their rocking chair is somewhat understandable, primarily due to fear of falling or injury, being inactive for too long or too much sitting with little to no exercise are the solid precondition for the emergence of numerous age-related health conditions, such as dementia, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, and depression.

To keep your parents as active as possible, introduce them to low-intensity exercises and activities and help them adapt to these workouts until they find the ones that work harmoniously with their physical capacity and routine. Some gentle light exercises on their joints and muscles include water aerobics, swimming, chair Pilates or yoga, Zumba, or brisk walking.


Spend More Time in Nature

12Oaks-Senior woman gardening on balcony in summer, drinking coffee-as-3 Spend More Time In Nature

Encouraging your parents to spend more time in nature can have tremendous benefits for both their physical and mental health.

Dr. Mathew White from the University of Exeter studied 20,000 people to see if spending time in nature affects well-being. He found that people who spend two hours a week in local parks or natural places feel better physically and mentally than those who don’t.

Encourage your parents to do outdoor activities like hiking, walking, bird watching, or gardening to improve their overall well-being and cognitive function. Spending time in nature helps them think positively, feel calm, and reduce stress. All of these benefits are important for a good quality of life.


Try Something New

12Oaks-senior woman painting on bowl in pottery workshop-as-4 Try Something New

Even though your parents may insist they are too old to try new things, remind them that age is just a number and there’s still time to explore their potential.

Suggest to them a list of activities or endeavors they may find interesting. It could be taking classes or courses in something they’ve always wanted to learn (computer, language, dancing, cooking), visiting local museums and art galleries, joining social clubs, spending more time gardening, working on craft projects, painting with Bob Ross videos, or getting creative in the kitchen with must-try recipes — anything that their hearts desire!

Exploring new opportunities and pursuing their interests is the ultimate way to help your parents increase their life satisfaction, rediscover life’s meaning, and stimulate their brains. So, encourage them to try or learn something new today!


It’s Never Too Late to Venture Out

12Oaks-Senior happy couple taking selfie with mobile phone on board of plane-as-5 It’s Never Too Late To Venture Out

As discussed earlier, seniors who stick to a sedentary lifestyle may face various health consequences in the future. If you want to help your parents boost their quality of life, one creative way is to motivate them to hop on the plane (or train)!

The world out there is meant to be seen and explored. Traveling enriches our lives, exposes us to one-of-a-lifetime experiences, and widens our perspectives. This is especially worth considering if your parents have been stuck in their bubbles and ongoing routines for too long. Immersing in new cultures and getting to know new people with different mindsets allows your parents to expand their horizons, keep them young at heart, and elevate their spirits. If their budget allows, traveling abroad offers new and unique experiences that can be beneficial for their mood, outlook and well-being.  So whether your parents choose to go far or near, exploring new places can make a big difference in their lives.


Give a Hand to Good Causes

12Oaks-Smiling elderly volunteer with granddaughter collecting garbage giving high five-as-6 Give A Hand to Good Causes

There’s nothing more meaningful than giving a hand to good causes and helping unfortunate people move forward in life with greater ease. In addition to providing invaluable support to people in need, volunteering seniors can reap the benefits of boosted self-esteem, increased life satisfaction, and a higher sense of accomplishment.

Volunteer activities are perfect opportunities for your parents to gain more social interaction, meet some new faces, and stay connected with like-minded people. More than anything, simple gestures of kindness, whether big or small, can make them feel satisfied, knowing that their presence and assistance can greatly impact someone else’s life.


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