9 Entertaining Online Games for Adults to Play at Home When Alone

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Aside from social media and messaging apps, the Internet helps seniors to stay connected with friends and family, stay informed about current events and the ever-evolving world, and get entertained by online games.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, the Internet offers seniors an array of games that enhance their mental stimulation and joy. However, given the many options available online, it can be overwhelming for them to choose the right game to play.

So we’ve compiled a list of nine online games perfect for adults to play alone at home.


9 Single-Player Online Games to Keep Your Parents Away From Boredom

Best Senior-Friendly Online Games to Play at Home When Alone

Candy Crush

12Oaks-Candy crush saga logo on phone screen-as-1 Candy Crush

Candy Crush is one of the highest-grossing online games, beloved by people of all ages around the world. The game is so addictive that many claim they can’t take their eyes off the screen.

The rules of the game are simple: swipe candies in any direction, up and down or from left to right, to swap them and form a combo of at least three matching-color candies within a given number of moves or time to reach the goal. Like other online games, Candy Crush starts with simple entry levels, allowing players to master their skills before moving on to more complex challenges.

If your parents enjoy Candy Crush, there are more similar match-three games to discover on the Apple Store or Google Play, such as Gardenscapes, Windscapes, or Homescapes.



12Oaks-tablet pc solitaire app-as-2 Solitaire

True to its name, Solitaire is another old-but-gold game that can be played without a companion. The classic single-player card game has won many hearts over the years. It remains on the throne despite having been around online for three decades.

Many versions of Solitaire are available, such as Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, and Tripeaks, so your parents can choose which one suits their taste. Then, after learning the rules, they can start stacking and matching the cards for hours of fun. Want to keep your parents away from boredom? You can help your parents in learning more about how to play Solitaire here.


Angry Birds 

12Oaks-Woman Playing Angry Birds Video Game-as-3 Angry Birds Series

The Angry Birds game depicts a story about flocks of colorful birds united to reclaim their eggs from evil green-colored piglets. In the fun and silly game, players are challenged to win each level by launching given birds with distinct powers out of a slingshot to knock down fortresses where evil piglets hold their eggs hostage.

Aside from traditional levels, your parents can join extra leagues and challenges to gain more powers and coins, making winning difficult rounds and battles easier.


Super Mario

12Oaks-Super Mario game on display-as-4 Super Mario

Making its first appearance in 1981, the video game legend Super Mario has evolved from its humble beginnings under the name “Jumpman” to being referenced in numerous game titles and remakes worldwide. It was even named one of the most famous games in history.

Adored by many generations, even seniors who feel nostalgic while playing, your parents will enjoy every moment spent in the game by using specific keystrokes to jump over barrels and collect coins to rescue the princess.



12Oaks- Game Tetris on the screen of smartphone-as-5 Tetris

It has always been the simple-to-understand-and-play game that becomes the most popular game title. Tetris is that game! The timeless puzzle game was unintentionally conceived by a Soviet engineer back in 1984 while testing his new computer.

Playing Tetris is super simple: clear as many lines as possible by rotating and fitting blocks in random shapes as they fall onto the playing field. Despite its simplicity, Tetris has captured the hearts of millions of players across the globe since players are challenged to clear the lines more quickly, with blocks falling at increased speed through each finished level.

Besides the original version that your parents can download for free on many platforms, they can also try similar Tetris-inspired game titles if they are up for the challenge or want to break new records.


Fishing Clash

12Oaks-Side view portrait of senior woman using digital tablet and laughing happily-as-6 Fishing Clash

Is your dad, or probably both of your parents, crazy about fishing but can’t find the time or energy to head off to the river? Fishing Clash and other online fishing games might just be the ultimate way to feed their passion and help them relive the excitement of fishing.

With realistic 3D graphics, the game will make your dad feel like he is at the riverbank with a breeze in his hair. Fishing Clash offers all kinds of competitions and leagues to choose from, so your parents can join the world of virtual fishing without ever leaving their homes.


Jigsaw Puzzles

12Oaks-Digital device. Joyful nice happy boy pointing at the tablet and smiling while helping his grandfather-as-7 Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are a fun, mind-stimulating activity many seniors pursue when gathering with their friends on a lazy Sunday afternoon. But it doesn’t mean the game is less fun when played alone. In fact, the Jigsaw puzzle is a perfect one-person game.

You can find Jigsaw puzzles in both physical and online forms. Whether your parents are up for a tough challenge with a 1,000-piece puzzle or a simple 100-piece puzzle, they will love getting lost in the process of finding and placing all the puzzle pieces in their proper place.

In addition to bringing a lot of excitement, working on Jigsaw puzzles is believed to sharpen and improve seniors’ brain function. Help your parents get started if they need to download the game on their phones. And remember, playing Jigsaw puzzles on tablets or laptops is much better than on smartphones!


Word Search

12Oaks-Top view of a smartphone with an android apps of Word-as-8 Word Search

Word Search is a game title designed for seniors living for the thrill of finding the given words hidden in a grid of letters. The Word Search game is easy to play, and your parents can enjoy hunting for words on their own or competing with others to see who can find the most out of the grid.

Thanks to modern technology, your parents can download Word Search online games and play them anytime, anywhere. So let’s introduce this exciting game to your parents and see how many words they can find.



12Oaks-desktop tablet sudoku-as-9 Sudoku

Sudoku is a brain game conceived on a similar idea as Word Search: using the grid order. However, the famous game Sudoku asks the players to use numbers from 1 to 9 to fill in a grid of 9×9 space, with some spaces already filled in — instead of spotting the hidden words.

The key rule of Sudoku is that you can’t repeat available numbers in any row, column, or square, making Sudoku stand out from other games. For example, if a row already has numbers 2, 4, and 5, your job is to fill the remaining numbers (1, 3, 6, 7, 8, and 9) in empty spaces. It requires players to develop logical thinking and vision to solve the grid, not just by guessing and hoping for the best.

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