How Symphony of Life Supports the Spirit with Memory Care Options

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There are many memory care options out there for older adults with cognitive impairment. At 12 Oaks Senior Living, we strive to provide a person-centered model of care that ensures each resident is recognized for their unique life journey, while also addressing their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. Symphony of Life® is an exclusive memory care program that offers so much more than traditional memory care programs do.

From each resident’s waking moment to the time they venture out of their room, every movement of every day has been orchestrated to improve the mind, body, and spirit of life within our community. Our experienced and compassionate team uses the healing harmony of music, art, pet-therapy, and more to lift the spirits and stimulate the mind, which is essential for adults with dementia. From musical entertainment and sing-a-longs to arts and crafts projects, our goal is for our residents to stay active and engaged with everyday life.

Because of these great benefits and more, this program will suit older adults who are struggling with some form of cognitive impairment. Symphony of Life® gives the residents a better chance at being “in the moment” and thriving, including encouraging a spiritual connection. With Symphony of Life® memory care, our residents are able to have a spiritual connection through:

  • Meaningful connections

We believe that creating a meaningful connection with your loved ones and other residents help in coping with cognitive impairment.


  • Faith-based expression

Symphony of Life® encourages seniors to have a spiritual connection that can boost their health and wellbeing.


  • Sharing personal experiences

We regularly hold gatherings to allow our residents to share their personal experiences with other residents and with staff, which can have a positive impact on others.


  • Getting in touch with nature

Natural light provides plenty of health benefits to our residents. This is why we encourage them to spend time outside and experience nature through their senses.


  • And more!

Our Symphony of Life® program aims to pay tribute to the human spirit by providing opportunities for our residents to reflect on their life’s journey and to celebrate their milestones. Our program provides individuals with a balance of privacy and unwavering attention.

Memory care for seniors is one of the most important parts of caring for our older loved ones with cognitive impairment. As you explore the memory care options out there, we hope you take a closer look at 12 Oaks Senior Living’s dedicated Memory Care program, Symphony of Life®.


SYMPHONY OF LIFE® is a registered trademark of 12 Oaks Senior Living.

For more information on Symphony of Life, download our Just the Facts Guide to Memory Care or contact a community near you today to schedule a virtual tour.

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