What Is Memory Care, and How Is Symphony of Life Unique?

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As the loved one of an older adult with cognitive impairment, it can be a challenge to maintain a balance in their everyday lives, and too often, we forget the most important things, such as their physical, mental, and spiritual needs. For the cognitive impaired adults themselves, life is even more of a challenge. You may be in the first stages of learning about memory care and searching for the best care for them. Fortunately, 12 Oaks’ Symphony of Life® program is designed to improve our loved ones’ daily lives.

Through the program, seniors with cognitive impairment are encouraged to make new connections with the world around them and stay in touch with those who are most important to them, all while getting the support they need from our dedicated care staff. The unique Symphony of Life® program focuses on giving the residents a better chance at being in the moment and thriving, through encouraging and stimulating our loved one’s mental acuity as well as providing for their physical well-being.

No matter your loved one’s health, this program aims to allow them to have a more thriving day to experience instead of being a victim of their impairment. It translates to it being a better life for them, which is why we stand out in terms of memory care. You never have to worry that your parents are confined behind four walls — we provide sensory activities that compensate for what the disease has taken from them.  With Symphony of Life® memory care, our residents are able to express their full potential through their:



It’s a fact that up to 40% of memory care residents are going to experience decreased appetite and weight loss when moving into senior living. Our program compensates with unique and positive ways to engage them when eating to increase calorie intake. We also guide residents through appropriate physical activities including exercise and walking to support body wellness.



Working closely with family members, our staff employs innovative ways to open their resident’s world to them through the five senses: Sight, Touch, Taste, Smell, and Hearing. Through the senses, we help them to tap into their oldest, strongest memories.



Symphony of Life was designed to pay tribute to the residents’ spirit by providing them with the opportunity to reflect on their life’s journey and celebrate milestones achieved. Activities are designed around meaningful connections with past events in their lives, group sessions, faith-based expression, artistic exploration, and experiencing nature.



Through our community’s support, residents will never feel alone. Our loved ones will always stay connected to friends and family, no matter what the event. We inform the families with the programming to let them know what is going on, that we are attempting to work with their loved one, that the staff is paying attention, is trained, and knows how to communicate and interact with the resident.

This program has been designed specifically for those who experience cognitive impairment including dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The carefully arranged program, combined with the dedicated staff who engage the residents, helps give them a better chance at being in the moment and thriving.


SYMPHONY OF LIFE® is a registered trademark of 12 Oaks Senior Living.

For more information on Symphony of Life, download our Just the Facts Guide to Memory Care or contact a community near you today to schedule a virtual tour.

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