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If you’re in or near retirement, you likely see the words “healthy aging” on a regular basis. While it may seem like it’s just another buzzword, the concept certainly isn’t without merit. You can’t exactly make the most of life in retirement if you’re not healthy, right? But the reality is that healthy aging isn’t just about physical health. To truly embrace healthy aging, you need to take a more holistic approach to wellness. Here’s how.


Defining the Dimensions of Wellness

In order to take a holistic approach, it’s important to understand all that wellness encompasses. Physical health is actually only one dimension of wellness. In fact, the International Council on Active Aging has defined seven dimensions of wellness: emotional, intellectual, physical, vocational, social, spiritual and environmental. These dimensions aren’t mutually exclusive either; they overlap in supporting healthy aging.

Now, you may be thinking this all sounds rather complicated. How exactly are you supposed to incorporate all these dimensions of wellness in your daily life, and in a way that helps you to age in a healthier way? You may be surprised to learn that senior living communities like 12 Oaks Senior Living’s make this easy to achieve.


Healthy Aging in Senior Living

12 Oaks Senior Living communities fully support the concept of healthy aging and, in fact, are designed with these dimensions of wellness in mind. The environment makes life more convenient and worry-free which allows you to make the most of a lifestyle with opportunities in each dimension of wellness including:

  • Emotional – You never have to feel alone and/or isolated in senior living with a community of friends, neighbors and supportive caregivers always nearby. We also understand the emotional benefits of animal companions which is why our communities are also pet friendly!
  • Intellectual – Intellectual stimulation doesn’t end when you leave your 9 to 5 job, or at least it shouldn’t! Here in senior living, opportunities range from art and creative expression classes to educational events to current event discussion groups to game nights, card groups and more.
  • Physical – You’ll find senior-friendly exercise classes, outdoor spaces perfect for staying active and delicious, nutritious meals provided in elegant dining rooms. Not to mention, our assisted living and memory care communities feature 24/7 care staff, individual care plans and support with as many daily activities as you need.
  • Vocational – Having a purpose in life is vital, perhaps even more so in retirement, which is why we offer plenty of opportunities to use your skills and passions to give back in our senior living community as well as through our partnerships with local organizations.
  • Social – This is definitely an area where senior living shines as communities like ours have monthly calendars filled with options like socials, live music and entertainment, family events, movie matinees and planned excursions. You’ll also enjoy lovely common areas ideal for hosting family and friends.
  • Spiritual – Although we do offer religious services on-site, you also have other opportunities to connect with your spiritual side in senior living as well through meditation, mindfulness or time spent in nature enjoying our beautifully landscaped grounds and outdoor spaces.
  • Environmental – As we indicated above, the environment in senior living is the backdrop that makes it possible to embrace the other dimensions of wellness because we free your time and take away the stress of life at home with housekeeping, laundry services, maintenance and even concierge services provided. What’s more, we also offer transportation and have conveniences like a full-service salon on site.


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