How Symphony of Life Supports Older Adults’ Brain Health in Memory Care

Brain health in memory care

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12 Oaks Senior Living has dedicated countless hours to research and preparation to help our residents with cognitive impairment and other brain health challenges and give them the best chance to be “in the moment” and thrive every day. The Symphony of Life® memory care program utilizes the experience and compassion of our dedicated Memory Care team to elevate the daily lives of our residents. The program focuses on bringing harmony to our residents as well as enriching their lives.

The Symphony of Life® program’s in-house care specialists are experts in Memory Care. As such, the program features unique activities, techniques, and tools that engage the mind and focus on the abilities of the residents in our care: what they can do as opposed to what they can’t. Your loved one will always have a memory care professional whenever they need assistance. Our dedicated team also works closely with our residents’ families to develop a relationship based on trust and confidence.

The Symphony of Life® program promotes brain health in memory care by engaging our residents senses through activities such as:

  • Indoor and outdoor planting, puzzles, pet therapy, aqua therapy, and creative arts to engage their sense of touch
  • Car and van rides, supervised outdoor walks, and puzzles to promote visual acuity
  • A wide variety of freshly-prepared meals, served at various temperatures, with textures to enhance the taste, and served in novel ways such as colorful plates and weighted cups designed to increase the appetite
  • Readings, movies, music, and custom speakers to promote optimal hearing
  • Specially designed headphones and microphones to improve communication
  • Popping corn, baking cookies, and additional aromatherapy experiences to trigger sense of smell


These activities are all designed to help your loved one thrive in the community. At 12 Oaks Senior Living, we believe that by serving our residents with respect and embracing their unique life journeys, we will enhance their lives and preserve their dignity. The exclusive Symphony of Life® program has been created with Memory Care as its sole focus and aspires to harmonize the mind, body, and spirit of every resident.

Providing care for our loved ones shouldn’t be taken lightly — specialized care may be needed depending on the challenges our loved ones with cognitive impairment face. Engaging the care and guidance of a trusted senior living community will ensure that they are well taken care of while also leading fulfilling lives.


SYMPHONY OF LIFE® is a registered trademark of 12 Oaks Senior Living.

For more information on Symphony of Life, download our Just the Facts Guide to Memory Care or contact a community near you today to schedule a virtual tour.

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