8 Must-Have Senior Living Amenities to Look For


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By 2030, all baby boomers will turn 65 and older and soon begin seeking out senior living communities to accommodate their changing lifestyles.

As the popularity of the senior dynamic lifestyle continues to grow, searching for the perfect community can be challenging due to numerous factors, such as housing options and available amenities. It is no wonder many people find themselves baffled and overwhelmed when looking for senior living options for their parents.

To simplify the process and help you and your family make informed decisions, we have narrowed down 8 must-have amenities and features to look for when selecting the perfect senior living community that aligns with your parents’ unique needs.


Senior Living Amenities to Look for When Elevating Seniors’ Wellness and Quality of Life in Senior Communities

Top 8 Must-Have Senior Living Amenities

Living Units/Apartments

Before weighing other senior living amenities, it is essential to note that living units significantly contribute to the overall well-being of seniors when moving into a new place.

Finding a community offering the best living units or apartments should be the first and foremost step of your search. A nice apartment is not only spacious and bright, but it is also equipped with many features that ensure top safety for seniors living there, given the concerning fact that over 3 million seniors end up in emergency departments due to fall injuries annually.

Every senior living community provides virtual and in-person tours to assist prospective residents in narrowing down their options. Schedule a tour of the enlisted communities to see whether they suit your parents. Pay attention to the following factors:

  • Cleanliness of the community and its surroundings.
  • Floors that are not rugged and every corner of the throw rugs is secured with adhesive tape.
  • Whether the bathroom has a walk-in shower with hand railings and grab bars.
  • Whether the door frames are wide enough for assistive devices and evacuation — even if your parents don’t use them now.
  • The apartment has many windows to let in natural light.
  • The lighting system. Make sure the apartment has adequate lighting in most areas.


Safety Features


We all know that anything can become a threat to seniors’ safety these days, whether stemming from inside or coming from outside of their living space. With a shocking revelation that senior homeowners are the easy target of home break-ins and robbery, adding another layer of safety is one of the senior living amenities to consider. Safety measures to seek out include in-time assistance with day-to-day activities, secure entrance, onsite security, response staff, responsive emergency security systems, and so on.


Outdoor Spaces


Walking paths, gardens, courtyards, patios, decks, and outdoor areas, in general, sometimes go beyond the purpose of decoration. These are some of the highly sought-after features in senior living communities, as many researchers have proven that seniors can reap physical, mental, and emotional benefits from living in such places.

Not only are outdoor spaces the perfect place to admire the beauty of nature and inspect upcoming seasonal changes, but residents can also become more active and healthy by getting some exercise and going for short walks. By joining gardening and social activities with other residents from the same blocks, they can become more socially conscious and connected with others.

Feeling bored and need some fresh air? There’s nothing quite fulfilling like venturing out and stopping to smell the flowers.


Wellness and Health Facilities

Once you have decided on the top comfort and safety floor plan, exploring wellness and health facilities is the next step. Even if your parents are not so energetic by nature, having facilities to access a range of wellness and physical activities could be a huge plus along the way. Health and wellness centers allow your parents to stay active and prepare their bodies against the adverse effects of aging. They are also perfect social outlets for mingling with other residents and making friends. It could mean many things, such as swimming pools, fitness centers, yoga classes, and aerobics classes, and should be evaluated thoroughly based on your parents’ personal interests and physical performance.


Nutritious Meals


Although downsizing to senior communities means saying goodbye to the family house, it could be the start of something new where your parents can enjoy more free time by staying away from the mundane of shopping for groceries and meal preparation. With expected dietary changes faced by all seniors, malnutrition is one of the top causes of a slew of health complications. Find senior living communities that offer proper nutrition for their residents by featuring diverse, delicious dining selections.


Personalized Care

With increased risks of health conditions that come with aging, look into the kinds of care that each senior living community is committed to provide to their residents.

In addition to seeking out fixed, essential care like medication follow-ups and hygiene tasks, research whether a community caters personalized care for each resident’s needs. When it comes to your parents’ overall well-being, it is acceptable to set high expectations. Find a community with dedicated and experienced staff who are responsive to each resident’s needs and attentive to their slightest health changes rather than mindlessly checking off assigned tasks. With that in mind, you can ensure that your parents can stay healthy for many years by receiving the adequate levels of timely care they deserve.


Leisure Activities and Social Events


Isolation and loneliness are associated with increased mortality in seniors. They are more vulnerable to health risks due to their weakened immune system. This discovery has led to the emphasis on social interaction in old adults, claiming that social interaction and new friendships can be beneficial for their overall health and quality of life.

Luckily, senior living communities are a perfect place for seniors to escape feelings of isolation and loneliness. With other residents living around the corner, your parents can always have someone to confide in and share exciting stories with.

Research exceptional senior centers offering diverse leisure activities and social events, such as workshops, outing trips, live concerts, sports clubs, etc. These activities allow all residents to come together, connect with others, make new friends, and create more memories while learning something new every day.


House Maintenance and Housekeeping Services

Like catered meals, house maintenance and housekeeping services are great options in the offered package. They help seniors stay organized when they can no longer clean the whole house themselves and are likely to move on from the burden of home ownership. Remember to include this assistance in your search for a senior living community.


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