6 Inspiring Books About Retirement and Aging


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Planning for retirement can be challenging. There are many vital elements and aspects, both financial and non-financial, of retirement planning that can overwhelm new retirees.

Handling post-retirement life can be difficult without a well-thought-out plan and trusted navigation. Besides working with financial advisors, you can learn more about life beyond retirement and keep yourself posted with helpful information.

Thanks to the widespread use of technology like the Internet and smartphones, everything you need to know is usually at your fingertips. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the 6 best books about retirement life to help you increase your financial literacy and predict the unexpected with regard to retirement and aging.


6 Inspiring Books About Retirement & Aging Newly Retired People Must Read

6 Books About Retirement Life

Retirement Planning Guidebook: Navigating the Important Decisions for Retirement Success by Wade Pfau


Retirement Planning Guidebook is an excellent starting resource for retirement planning if your parents are at a crossroads.

In this comprehensive guide, the author has done an excellent job of breaking down all financial and non-financial retirement elements and supporting seniors in identifying, navigating, organizing, and making smart decisions. This book doesn’t allow little matters to slip through the cracks amidst the hassle of planning for retirement. Every senior should read this in-depth guide to stay organized and prepared, such as setting up Social Security and savings accounts, enrolling in healthcare programs, and so much more.


How Much Money Do I Need To Retire? by Todd R. Tresidder


The book written by Todd Tresidder is a friendly reminder for all newly retired people on the essential aspect of retirement: achieving financial security. While there is nothing wrong with spending hard-earned money and checking off bucket lists, How Much Money Do I Need To Retire is a good starting point that encourages readers to have a clear picture of their financial status precisely from every angle and perspective. Sometimes, it is not always about how much money you have left to fulfill dreams and wishes. Still, the most intriguing question to ask yourself is, “When can I retire?” or “Can I retire?”

Financial freedom during retirement years is more critical than spending or overspending. Through the book republished in 2020, the founder of Financial Mentor dissects each layer and unfolds the complexities of retirement. By giving insights into three different models of retirement planning: Traditional, Lifestyle Planning, and Cash Flow Models alongside insightful approaches to the pros and cons of each model, this book is one of the must-have financial guidebooks that help seniors think through various strategies to achieve their financial goals.

Suppose your parents are new to retirement and want to peek into how to handle their finances like a semi-pro before reaching out to professionals. In that case, they will find this book a helpful and worthwhile resource.


Retire Inspired: It’s Not An Age, It’s A Financial Number by Chris Hogan


Through Retire Inspired, finance wellness guru and best-selling author Chris Hogan is on a mission to provide people from all backgrounds with practical tips and advice on spending money wisely.

Rather than pressing the significance of financial security, Chris manages to keep the tone as upbeat and lighthearted as possible for retirees baffled by the hassle of financial management. The leading voice on retirement doesn’t gatekeep lessons learned from working at a financial consulting firm Ramsey Solutions but gives readers various tips on how to make money a servant and think critically before spending money instead of saving as much as possible.

Retire Inspired is a must-read if you want to help your parents prepare for retirement, make informed decisions with confidence, and enhance their financial literacy with a real-deal financial advisor.


The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey


The Total Money Makeover, penned by radio host Dave Ramsey, intimately discusses financial topics and scenarios and offers simplified, actionable steps to attain financial stability. Much like the book title itself, the founder of Ramsey Solutions helps people from all walks of life escape the never-ending cycles of debts, transform their financial situation, and determine their financial goals by sorting their finances in order with a well-mapped-out plan.

By helping people prioritize and pick the right approaches, the financial self-help book outlines 7 baby steps starting with building a $1,000 emergency fund, paying lingering debts, and building an emergency fund lasting up to 6 months to investing in retirement, building a college fund, paying off the home mortgage, and focusing on building wealth and savings. With the philosophy that money doesn’t guarantee happiness and less about math and calculation, this New York Times bestseller is helpful for people struggling with financially securing themselves due to crippling debts and loans or just simply for nearly retired people who haven’t had an idea on where to start and what to do with their finances.


65 Things to Do When You Retire by Multiple Authors


One exciting aspect of retirement is doing things you didn’t have time for earlier due to a hectic 9-5 schedule and familial obligations. Far more than typical recreational activities, which can get mundane with time, 65 Things to Do When You Retire is a collection of 65 enlightening essays that give bold tips and advice on achieving a meaningful and entertaining retirement through self-reinvention.

More than a guidebook on having fun during retirement, the best book about retirement to read at 65 celebrates all milestones and life events, promising an exhilarating retirement journey for all retirees on the simple reassurance that “the best is yet to come.” Remember that your parents don’t have to accomplish anything in this book, but it is always refreshing to gather some ideas before testing the water.


Ultimate Vacation: The Definitive Guide of Living Well Today and Retire Well Tomorrow by Randy Carver


Ultimate Vacation is one of the inspiring books about retirement your parents should consider reading. For years and years, there has been a widespread misconception that everyone should sacrifice their early years to have better days during retirement, meaning working hard without taking a break or slowing down. When entering retirement, this mindset keeps lingering on, and retired people often forget to plan for retirement while busy planning for a vacation.

Striking the perfect balance between living in the present and preparing for retirement may be challenging. That’s why Randy Carver and his team at Carver Financial Services have developed and published Ultimate Vacation to help people learn a more important thing about retirement: living well today and retiring well tomorrow. The book offers easy-to-understand tips, with guidance showing new retirees how to create memorable moments during the first few years of retirement and moving forward to the longest vacation of their lives: retirement.


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