Easy Ways to Teach Seniors Proper Use of Computer

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Have you ever noticed that your parents seem to struggle with how to do certain things on the computer? Instead of doing everything for them, why not teach them? That way, they can access the big world of online entertainment and stay connected with friends while you aren’t there. Today’s article will provide five computer tips for seniors to help you support your parents in keeping up with ever-changing technology.

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Computer Tips for Seniors: How to Help Your Parents Learn Basic Computer Skills

Seniors vs. Computers: Why Should They Learn to Use Computers?

Generally, seniors often get upset and even frustrated when dealing with computers or smartphones. You have probably heard your parents say, “It’s way too complicated to use!” many times before, especially when they struggle to open a browser, search apps or movies, or set up a password.

While using computers brings a lot of value to their daily life, your parents may resists and avoid using fast-paced technology at all costs for a variety of reasons, such as a lack of experience and limited mobility. As a countermeasure, explain to them the following values of computers:

  • Computers are convenient: Everything is now stored in an online database, meaning that instead of driving a long distance for groceries or banking and medical services, let your parents know they can do everything at home with just a few clicks. Interacting with screens regularly is an excellent way to help your senior family members adapt to other changes in the world.
  • Computers connect people: Intergenerational bonding is priceless. The advanced technology lets them chat face to face with long-distance relatives or grandchildren and keep track of close friends’ lives through social networks like Facebook.
  • Computers are entertaining: Ask them what their favorite to-do activities are? Whatever they are, show them that computers are loaded with various applications that can improve their quality of life, from watching dramas and listening to music to reading newspapers and books—all in one place!


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5 Computer Tips for Seniors

Discover five computer tips for seniors in the list below.


Address the Importance of Security

Staying safe in cyberspace is the first thing to keep in mind when using computers and other digital devices. To relieve your parents’ anxiety regarding cyber security, help them set up and review their privacy policies on sites they may frequently visit. Can’t remember passwords? Help them download a password manager app so they won’t have to memorize every password to log in to their go-to websites.


One Step at a Time

Your parents might get overwhelmed if you give them too much tech information at once. Instead, dividing lessons into small, different parts is one of the computer tips you should try when providing tech lessons to them. Starting small allows them to remember each skill and step as they progress through the computer world. Overall, give them time to get used to technology. Also, remember to give them positive feedback and encouragement when they accomplish something.


Be Patient

Technology keeps constantly changing, so it can take quite a while to adapt and learn all of it. Therefore, being patient and non-judgmental with your parents is crucial as they are still new to technology. Although answering their questions or showing them something again could get repetitive, staying patient can significantly push them forward and help them learn faster.


Tailor Devices for Their Physical Needs

Beyond learning how to use computers, arthritis and vision impairments may adversely affect seniors’ ability to use mice and keyboards. Suppose your parents struggle with reading the words on the screen. In that case, you can make the texts bigger or set up ADA-accessible, an application that reads text on the screen aloud.


Write It Down

If your parents get confused about how to do something, give them notebooks and encourage them to write down everything they need for future preference. It could be step-by-step instructions for using a particular website, their passwords and usernames, or a list of their favorite websites.


Become Tech-Savvy at 12 Oaks Communities

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At 12 Oaks, our top priority is to create a fun, upbeat, and healthy environment through daily self-improvement activities. Besides physical and intellectual development activities, 12 Oaks is here to provide residents with encouragement and support to help them integrate technology into their lives. Older family members can have the most memorable time of their lives with great friends and dedicated staff at one of our 12 Oaks communities.


If you have questions about computer tips for seniors, connect with us and learn more. 

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