7 Cool Gadgets That Can Help Seniors in Their Everyday Lives

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Did you know that gadgets for seniors go beyond cranes, perching tools, wearable alarms, and stairlifts? In fact, advanced technology is the most effective way to improve the lives of seniors because it keeps them safe and helps them remain as independent as possible when their kids are away from home. Discover seven high-tech gadgets that can help your parents in their day-to-day lives.

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Level Up Your Parents’ Quality of Life With 7 Innovative Gadgets for Seniors


Specially designed for not-so-tech-savvy seniors, GrandPad is one of the cool gadgets for seniors that you should have a look into to keep your parents entertained and connected with loved ones. As opposed to iPads, this high-tech yet senior-friendly tablet is stripped away of complications and comes pre-programmed with simple features and categories that allow your parents to stay safe in cyberspace, such as:

  • Spam protection
  • Unlimited access to the support team with just a single tap
  • Larger text display
  • Battery life up to 3 days
  • On-board 4G Internet connection


Tile Stickers

If your parents keep losing remote controls, wallets, or keys, Tile Stickers could be the ultimate solution! The water-resistant Tile Sticker can be stuck on almost anything to help track easily misplaced, small items with just a few taps in the app on your phone. Some of the additional features of this small yet mighty innovative gadget include a 2-year life battery, waterproof, and a 30-day guarantee.


Fitbit Sense

In general, your parents can wear Fitbit as a watch. But more than just a time tracker, FitBit is a fitness tool that helps people of all ages keep track of their vitals, activity levels, fitness goals, and more by accessing the data through the Fitbit smartphone app. Most people find that Fitbit motivates them to get and stay active more regularly, resulting in health improvements.

Fitbit Sense, with a bigger screen, could be your best pick to help your seniors in their everyday lives. Essentially, Fitbit can assist your parents in:

  • Tracking sleep patterns
  • Keeping track of the oxygen levels in their blood
  • Storing music
  • Receiving calls, texts, and app notifications
  • Monitoring heart rate
  • Making payments on the go
  • Tracking weather


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Nothing beats a good book. But carrying many books around could be a hassle for bookworm seniors. Instead, convince your parents to switch from physical to electronic books.

One of the most remarkable aspects of e-readers is that a typical 8GB e-reader can contain approximately 5,000 books. This device lets your parents access their favorite titles in a half-pound e-reader to enjoy a good read anywhere and anytime.


Robot Vacuum Cleaners

For many seniors, doing chores could be an obstacle if their strength and mobility have degraded over the years. Still, keeping the floor spotless is a must-do as it reduces the risks of falls and trips at home.

Help your older family members set aside their worries with the help of robot vacuum cleaners. With pre-programmed automatic vacuum cleaners, household chores become much more doable in just a few minutes.


Virtual Home Assistants

Your folks may also find virtual home assistants, such as Alex or Siri, an excellent addition to their house. These sophisticated, handy gadgets for seniors eliminate the constant need to get up, move around, and even bend down to turn on or off wall switches.

Moreover, you can sync your robot vacuum cleaner with your virtual home assistant. Older family members can use it to:

  • Set alarms
  • Play music
  • Set reminders
  • Schedule medical appointments


Doorbell Cameras

12Oaks-Woman rings the house intercom with a camera installed on the white brick wall-ss-7. Doorbell Cameras

In addition to helping seniors stay alerted to mail carriers and deliveries, doorbell cameras are fantastic gadgets for seniors that help them detect and communicate with anyone at the front door through an in-home screen rather than traveling a distance to get to the door.

In most cases, they can even see who is at the door via a smartphone while away from home. A wide range of doorbell cameras is available to choose from – make sure to get one that suits the needs of your parents.


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