Exploring Senior-Friendly Travel Tours: Adventure and Safety Combined

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Retirement can mean many different things for seniors. As the average lifespan increases, seniors now have more time to do things they didn’t have a chance to do when they were busy raising their family and managing their career. Some retirees enjoy retirement by spending more with friends and family, while others are busy checking off their bucket lists. Others may start businesses out of passion, and so on.

No matter what seniors aim to accomplish, one sure thing is there is no right and wrong way to adjust their lives to retirement. Traveling more is one thing that many seniors refer to when asked what they plan to do after retiring. Unsurprisingly, retirement is a prime time to pack things and embark on new adventures to far-away lands, and guided tours are a popular option among seniors seeking easy travel.

Explore the top-rated 5 senior tour companies, vacation spots, and tours for seniors traveling alone that are worth a shot.

Tours For Seniors Traveling Alone: 5 Senior-Friendly Tour Operators and Top Vacation Spots & Tours for Senior Travelers

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Top 5 Travel Agents & Companies To Consider

1. Trafalgar

With 70 years of experience in taking seniors around the world, Trafalgar has a strong reputation among seniors aged between 50 and 70.

The travel expert is accredited as the best tour company for seniors seeking new travel experiences. When traveling with Trafalgar, seniors have the chance to immerse themselves in the life of the locals by meeting, talking, eating, and drinking with them.

Trafalgar designs 300 travel itineraries in 72 countries across 6 continents, such as North America, South America, Asia, Middle East & North Africa, Australia & Pacific, and Europe.

2. Road Scholar

Road Scholar, formerly Elderhostel, is another fantastic tour company that curates tours for seniors traveling alone.

It satisfies senior travelers’ curiosity and thirst for adventure by offering educational adventures. Besides tours to popular destinations and attractions, Road Scholar establishes unique tour itineraries for grandparents and grandkids called “Grandparent Programs.”

Another reason senior travelers love Road Scholar is that they have a travel program allowing seniors to opt for the most-suited activities to their pace, needs, and fitness level. This means seniors can try and learn new things through “Easy Going” programs or test their limits with energetic adventures through “Outdoor: Challenging” programs if they are up for a big challenge.

3. Globus

Globus is among the most popular guided tour specialists trusted by many senior travelers. With the philosophy that no travel itinerary is one size fits all, Globus goes above and beyond to introduce seniors to exceptional travel experiences where they can dive deeper into the locales.

If you think you have seen the world and done it all, Globus might change your mind. What sets Globus apart from other tour companies is its extensive efforts to bring travelers closer to less-traveled destinations and places free of traffic, noise, and tourist crowds. If your parents want to break away from the travel norms, check out their “Undiscovered” program as soon as possible!

4. Backroads

12Oaks-A group of Backroads bikers during a recent summer trip across parts of Spain and Portugal. (William LeJeunesse)-4 Backroads

Backroads is a tour operator that gears towards physically fit senior travelers. In contrast to the social norm that all seniors are frail and tender, some seniors choose to admire the beauty of life by combining travel and physical activity.

Backroads has walking, cycling, and hiking trips that allow sporty seniors to exercise their bodies in creative and fun ways while getting up close and personal with some of the most scenic landscapes along the trails.

Depending on fitness goals, seniors can go for easygoing hikes or have a lot of fun and excitement by riding an e-bike.

5. Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel is another tour specialist that exclusively offers active trips for seniors who are sportier than others.

According to Intrepid Travel, seniors are most likely interested in tour packages involving physical activities. That’s why the company includes a variety of itineraries to keep seniors engaged in physical activities.

From as simple as strolling through Camino de Santiago and trekking on sacred Inca mountains to cruising down the peaceful village of Japan and kayaking in the sunrise at the Amalfi Coast, Intrepid Travel is a one-stop shop to quench your seniors’ wanderlust.

Reasons To Embrace Traveling As A Group

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Here are a few reasons why opting for travel tours may be worthwhile in retirement.

1. Taking travel tours takes out the stress of planning

Of course, planning a trip may not be difficult for some seniors, but it doesn’t mean they should do it years into retirement.

Tour companies have teams of experts who skillfully take care of every step of trip planning, from booking hotel rooms and researching local attractions to finding local tour guides and arranging travel insurance — all and everything is secured in advance. Seniors can now sit back and have someone to do all the work.

2. Guided tours are designed with flexible schedules

Tours with flexible schedules give seniors extra space and time for sightseeing without feeling rushed and experiencing each destination like a local. The tour is also enhanced with many activities tailored neatly to seniors’ interests and health preferences.

3. Tour companies know best

12Oaks-trafalgar-coach-sydney-1 Trafalgar

When it comes to senior travel planning, tour companies know best.

They often go the extra mile to ensure seniors are comfortable throughout their journey. They prioritize hotels and resorts with a thoughtful design of assistive features for seniors with limited mobility, such as handrails, ramps, spacious rooms, and wheelchair ramp slopes.

A well-planned route can make travel more breezy for seniors, especially when they travel long distances and carry heavy luggage.

4. Senior-friendly tours are made for seniors’ comfort

As each senior deals with a distinct array of health issues, tour guides of senior-friendly tours are highly alerted of their health and wellness. They ensure that seniors receive in-time medical attention and healthcare when something happens. They are also considerate of seniors’ needs for rest by not packing too many activities into a day.

5. Seniors can learn new things

When traveling far from home, seniors may struggle to navigate and understand local cultures. Having a tour guide in place can help seniors learn new things by providing insights and facts about each destination’s history, culture, and traditions.

6. Seniors will be in good hands

Children can have greater peace of mind knowing that their parents are in the good hands of experts. Many tour companies also offer easy ways of communication to help seniors’ friends and families stay updated about their loved ones’ whereabouts.

7. Group travel forges social connections

By meeting new faces and immersing in new cultures, seniors can make new friendships, improve their interpersonal skills, and create long-lasting memories. This is especially beneficial for seniors who spend most of their time inside or have fewer chances for social interactions.

Top Destinations and Tours for Seniors Traveling Alone

12Oaks-Mature woman traveling-5 Intrepid Travel | senior-friendly travel tours

One of the best things about leaving the workforce is seniors have extra time to do whatever and go wherever they want. They can just grab their passports, book their tickets, and be ready to go. Are you wondering about the top destinations and tours for seniors traveling alone? Here are a few options worth looking into. As a bonus, these are also great spots for seniors with limited mobility.

  • National Park Tours (USA) — The United States of America has some of the most distinguished parks on the planet. Consider taking a short trip to Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, etc.
  • River Cruise Trips — If your parents can’t travel too far, consider river cruise trips, such as the Hudson River, Ohio River, Mississippi River, Tennessee River, and Napa River.
  • Cruise Trips — Cruise trips are the most spectacular and safest way of traveling the world for seniors traveling alone. A cruise ensures seniors have easy access to many services, amenities, and activities right on board. Mediterranean, Scandinavian Capital, and Alaska cruises may be worth looking into if your parents are up for a big adventure.
  • Japan — The country is the perfect mix of modern and traditional values, with many historic temples and attractions preserved in pristine conditions, not to mention the stunning landscapes of towering mountains and cherry blossom season every April.
  • Korea — Korea is another Asian country that might pique your seniors’ interest. Like Japan, the country in North Asia has a rich history, cultural experiences, and natural sights.
  • New Zealand — New Zealand could be the perfect destination if your parents want to exclude themselves from bustling cities for a while. The country has scenic landscapes and a myriad of natural habitats that you can’t find anywhere else.

Tips For Seniors Traveling Alone

Although travel agents take over the hard work, here are some practical tips seniors can consider to make their traveling experience more enjoyable.

  1. Share travel information and itinerary with friends and family
  2. Prepare a contacts list on the phone and print out several copies if needed
  3. Carry medications worth a few weeks in case of missing or stolen luggage
  4. Buy separate health insurance that covers medical emergencies
  5. Pack essential clothing items that can be worn every day
  6. Wear comfortable footwear with supportive pads
  7. Use light-weight luggage for easy transportation

If you have questions about vacation spots and tours for seniors traveling alone or any topics discussed here, connect with us and learn more.

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