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While you are out and about enjoying your summer to the fullest, your parents and older family members are not likely able to do the same. Seniors have a harder time coping with high heat and humidity, with increased chances of developing various heat-related issues. In today’s article, discover six summer safety tips to help your seniors beat the heat.

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Beat The Heat: 6 Summer Safety Tips To Keep Your Parents Cool And Safe During Hot Summer Days

Stay Hydrated


Drinking plenty of water is a must-do for all ages. Seniors are more prone to dehydration than others because their sense of thirst becomes impaired with aging, and their ability to drink water deteriorates over the years. Mobility issues and kidney issues may also exacerbate dehydration.

Remind your parents and grandparents to drink more water and help them pack extra water for outdoor activities to replace fluids lost throughout the day. Not all liquids are created equal when staying hydrated, as caffeinated, alcoholic, and sugary drinks can have the opposite effect.


Wear Light-Colored & Loose-Fitting Clothes


The best clothes to wear during hot summer days are light-colored, loose-fitting garments made of cotton-based fabrics. Functionally, loose clothes allow your skin to breathe with a well-circulated air passage throughout your body. Opting for lighter-colored outfits has been scientifically proven to make you feel “cooler” and more comfortable because light and bright tend to absorb less heat than dark colors. Filling the closet of your older family members with natural fabric like cotton and linen is one of many great summer safety tips for keeping your parents cool on boiling summer days.


Reduce Exercises & Outdoor Activities

Although staying active is vital for seniors, explain to your parents that exercising and joining outdoor activities during hot temperatures can be unsafe, even at a low intensity. Heavy physical activities will increase the chances of heat stroke due to higher body temperature, dehydration, and other health conditions (if any). To help your parents stick to a consistent exercise routine, switch to low-impact workouts or reschedule their daily walk to early morning or evening when the temperature around these hours is considerably lower.


Stay Indoors


The safest yet most effective way to avoid heat and humidity is to stay indoors or in an air-conditioned environment. This simple summer idea will decrease the risk of heat issues. But staying indoors all day long won’t stop your parents from enjoying themselves. With a wide range of indoor activities, from arts and crafts lessons to reading, dancing, and board games, your beloved family members will be glad they stayed inside. Another thing to remember is that even if your parents stay inside the house, watch out for the emergence of heat-related issues, especially where air-conditioning is not available.

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Protect Eyes & Skins


On hot days, your older family members must wear long-sleeve shirts, long pants, wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses, and SPF 30++ sunscreen to protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays. As discussed above, opt for light-colored and breathable clothes to help them sweat less and feel more comfortable when out in the sun. Additionally, remind them not to exhaust themselves by letting their bodies recover with small, frequent breaks and drinking water as much as possible. Most importantly, help your parents check the forecast and daily temperature to ensure it is safe to go out. However, they shouldn’t go out if the temperature is too high.


Stay Connected

Excessive heat waves can be threatening for seniors. Therefore, staying in touch and maintaining constant communication in case of an emergency is crucial. Specifically, we recommend giving them cell phones with large buttons to help them have easy access to contact lists and other essential features. With this summer safety tip, staying connected with a list of go-to contacts will reduce the risk of incidents for your older family members, especially when they need immediate medical attention.


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