Don’t give Dad the slip… Help Prevent Slip and Fall Injuries with these Five Safeguards


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It’s a typical busy day – until your phone rings. Your mother is on the other side, panicked and quickly trying to get the words out. Your father has slipped in the shower. She can’t support him to help him up. Where are you, and what should they do? Your mind begins to race as you consider how fast you can get to them and what you’ll see when you walk in the door.

Your parents have stayed fit and healthy through their older years. Still, without the proper aids, a slip and fall injury can turn any senior’s life upside down.

Read on to learn the top 5 steps you can take today to reduce fall risks and prevent slip and fall injuries.

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The Cost Of  Slip And Fall Accidents

According to the CDC, each year, one in four American seniors falls at home. These falls can range in severity but always come with a high price tag. Annually, health care providers pay $29 billion to their insured families. From the initial emergency response, treatment, and physical therapy or potential surgery, and then finally the cost of additional aid at home or support.

Besides the physical toll, there is another battle to face mentally. Your previously confident elder relative now has a new sense of fragility. The home they have lived in for years is now dangerous, and that fear can be taxing mentally and emotionally. Consider our following checklist to help prevent slip and fall accidents and keep your family members safe.


Slip And Fall Prevention Checklist


Here are five easy ways to reduce slip and fall risks and make your relatives feel safe and secure in their homes.


1. Remove Hazards

This one may seem self-explanatory, but a hazard is not just a misplaced cord or wire. Be on the lookout for any rugs, small steps, or low tables. Consider getting timed night lighting that will keep hallways and doorways well lit.


2. Install Bathroom Grab Bars


The bathroom has the potential for dangerous accidents with wet surfaces. Installing bathroom grab bars can make your relatives feel secure and help them keep their independence. There is no limit to how many grab bars you can install, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.


3. Make It Easy – Make It Comfortable

There’s no need to make everyday tasks more challenging. Buying a stool to help with bathing, or putting on shoes, eliminates the risk of toppling down in both locations. Find a sturdy chair and place it near the front door to make putting on shoes less of a balancing act. Without this concern, elder family members will feel more comfortable making plans to leave the house and keep their social calendar.


4. Don’t Forget Door Frames

Does your parent hold onto door frames to help step down or up? Do the rooms in their house have a separating threshold? These are both potential hazards for fall accidents. Make sure there is no loose wood, and invest in a sturdier grip.


5. It’s Ok To Ask For Help

Consult an expert in the field or find a local company to take care of outside tasks. Consider investing in a personal support worker for weekly visits. Not only can they help with household chores, but it will also be one more person checking in.

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