How to Research and Tour Senior Living Online (And Why You Should)


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If you’re like most people today, whenever you consider a new product or service, you research it online first. It’s smart to do the same when considering senior living as well. In fact, you can even tour most senior living communities online now; there are more benefits to this than you may realize. But there are also some secrets to the process to help save you time and frustration, as well as to make sure you find the best fit. Learn the best way to research and tour senior living online here.


Research Senior Living Online

Before you even open the web browser it’s important to consider the best type of senior living to fit you or your loved one’s needs and wants. Our previous blog can help. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Be specific when you search – There are a multitude of senior living options out there so it’s important to be specific right off the bat. We recommend you search by the type of senior living (independent living, assisted living or memory care) that you determined fits best and your preferred location. For example, “assisted living in (city, state).”
  2. Visit community websites – Next, head to the senior living community websites that come up based on your search. You’ll want to not only check out services and amenities, but also their videos, image galleries, activity calendars and floor plans. Also, check other resources they’ve made available such as financial calculators, self-guided assessments, how-to guides and even blogs like these to help you navigate the decision-making process.
  3. Follow their social media – Most senior living communities are active on social media and this is where you’ll get a true sense of the personality of each, as well as what daily life is like for the residents there. Following the communities you are interested in is key.
  4. Research all online options – Don’t forget that community newsletters can also provide valuable insight such as upcoming events to attend and/or even move-in specials available so it’s worth it to sign up. And always check the online reviews for all the communities you’re considering to gauge their reputation as well!


Touring Senior Living Online

Based on your online research, you’ve ideally chosen two to three senior living communities in which you’d like to take a closer look. Most communities now have the option to tour online for benefits that include:

  • Convenience – Quite simply it’s easier for seniors with mobility challenges or those who may still be recovering after surgery or illness to tour senior living online.
  • Safety – Online tours can also be ideal during cold and flu season and/or for immunocompromised seniors or family members to tour with peace of mind.
  • Flexibility – In-person tours can be difficult for out-of-town family members whereas an online tour gives them the opportunity to experience the community firsthand, just like the rest of the family – and it saves time and money!


You’ll schedule an online tour in much the same way as you would for an in-person one by contacting the community directly or scheduling through the community’s website. Then you’ll answer a few questions to gain an understanding of your needs in order to personalize the tour experience. You’ll also receive clear instructions on how to connect with us online for the tour – it’s easy!

During the tour, you can expect to meet staff and you’ll see the campus grounds as well as living options and some of our most popular amenities. We’ll also share details on the social, fitness and enrichment opportunities that are available to enjoy and – depending on the type of senior living in which you’re interested – the services and care you or your loved one will receive. We’ll also answer any questions you may have!

Ready for the next step? Download 12 Oaks Senior Living’s Family Decision Toolkit to guide you to the perfect community, and enjoy the best years of your life.

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