5 Outdoor Activities Elderly Family Members Will Love to Reduce Stress


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Nothing can compare to the feeling of being outside, surrounded by nature, sunlight, and fresh air. More time spent outdoors, particularly with your beloved elderly family members, can increase your vitality, leave you feeling refreshed, and relieve stress.

However, encouraging our seniors to get out just for a walk might sometimes be boring. A senior’s definition of “fun” might differ from what younger age groups usually enjoy doing for entertainment and relaxation.

Continue reading if you’re looking for some enjoyable outdoor activities to do with your elder family members.


Outdoor Activities You Can Enjoy With Your Beloved Family Members



With the simplicity of nature and the absence of electronic devices, camping gives your family an excellent outdoor experience. Particularly, senior citizens can greatly benefit from this fun activity:

  • Camping helps seniors stay fit and healthy. You can engage in physical activities with your parents, such as hiking to the campsite, cooking over a campfire, and putting up a tent. Regardless of the activities included, a camping trip will reap multiple health advantages in numerous ways for your family members.
  • A simple change in scenery can bring a new experience that encourages greater engagement and less stress. Also, when we breathe fresh, clean air, our body creates serotonin, which gives us an increased sense of refreshment and vigor.
  • Camping encourages the melatonin levels to increase gradually. According to a study, adults who went camping and spent time outdoors reported enhanced sleep quality. Their melatonin levels naturally rose at night and fell throughout the day, making it easy for them to drift off to sleep.
  • Camping offers an extraordinary chance to reconnect with friends and family while experiencing something new. Living together in the same tent or RV may encourage closer family ties. Also, spending time together can allow you and your family to communicate more openly and be willing to share stories.


If your family decides to go camping, remember to pack enough essential camping items and have extra gear ready to keep your elderly family members warm.

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Going on a Picnic


Perhaps, the health conditions of your elderly family members do not allow them to participate in such an intense and physically demanding activity as camping. In this case, consider going on a picnic together.

Before the picnic, you can strengthen family bonds by cooking and preparing drinks with them. Then, with a robust picnic table, your family can enjoy dining outside, playing recreational games, or sharing life stories.




Picnicking and camping are great summertime and fall activities, but gardening may just be the best thing to do in the fall.

Gardening is the best physical and mental workout, with an hour of it burning 200-400 calories, equivalent to 35 minutes of jogging. Here are some reasons that make gardening worth trying:

  • Relieve Stress. Gardening is an excellent way for nature to take our minds off stress, allowing them to rejuvenate and block out unwanted emotions. Also, inhaling fresh air and immersing ourselves in sunlight can help improve our mood.
  • Encourage mobility. You and your parents will likely exercise while gardening by movements such as squatting, lifting, bending, kneeling, and walking. These movements improve flexibility, balance, and muscle control while lowering the chance of injury and regulating blood flow.
  • Improve cognitive function. Gardening has been shown to help with sleep, agitation, and cognition in patients with dementia. Patients gain new skills and rediscover old skills by spending time in the garden. It is a vital therapy with few side effects to help enhance memory, concentration, sense of responsibility, and social connection.



senior going on Fishing with his son Outdoor Activities You Can Enjoy With Your Beloved Family Members ss body

Gardening can sometimes be difficult for seniors because it often requires a lot of kneeling. If your parent’s body cannot manage the activity as well as it once could, this could cause stress on their knees and legs. So then, what is another active way for our family members to incorporate nature but still involve in physical activity? Go fishing!

Despite including fewer physical movements than gardening, fishing can still be a beneficial form of exercise for seniors. The simple movements of casting and reeling a fishing rod can help with hand strength, motor skills, and agility.

Moreover, fishing is one pastime that allows you and your parents to unwind and take in nature outdoors. The surroundings are frequently calm and quiet, soothing your body and mind.

In addition, we cannot forget to mention how fishing fosters your patience and communication skills. You and your elderly loved ones can converse, confide in one another, and impart life lessons while you wait patiently for the fish to bite.




Birdwatching has additional benefits for people in their senior years since it gently maintains mental health and alertness while promoting a focus on the wonders of nature.

There’s a reason why birdwatching is considered a terrific outdoor activity. Going outside allows you and your family to breathe fresh air, absorb vitamin D from the sun, and enjoy the beauty of life. All of those factors are crucial to one’s general wellness. And birdwatching gives you a great excuse to go outside.

Additionally, birdwatching is a mindful activity that requires us to pay great attention to even the smallest details of beautiful creatures. Also, cultivating gratitude and mindfulness for beautiful nature can help lift your spirits.


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