14 Fun and Easy Craft Ideas You and Your Elder Loved Ones Can Do


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Are you looking for new recreational activities to maintain a satisfying and happy life for your seniors? Try out these fourteen fun and easy craft ideas that your seniors and family members will definitely enjoy!

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General & Easy-to-make Craft Ideas

Pressed Flowers

Remember those childhood memories when you wandered around in the garden to gather the most beautiful flowers as a kid? Craft ideas like pressing flowers bring back a lot of fond memories for our seniors as well! Picking suitable materials for pressing is essential, as not all flowers are meant to be pressed. Here are a few tips:

  • Search for single-petal and flat-faced flowers.
  • Dry them naturally or use a soft cloth to remove excess moisture.
  • Place them between two sheets of wax paper and weigh the flowers with a hard-cover book.
  • Let it sit overnight or even a few days until they are ready to use.


Beaded Bracelets

More than just placing and mixing beads on strings, beading bracelets is a fun experience that keeps our seniors entertained while stimulating their brain functions. To start, grab some beads and strings or purchase beading kits with pattern instructions widely available in craft stores. Most importantly, remember to select relatively large beads in vibrant colors so seniors with arthritic hands can handle the beads better.


Paper Flowers


Paper flowers are perfect decorations for just about anywhere in your home. The most remarkable feature about these paper blooms is that they will never wilt! These days, you can create paper flowers from various materials such as coffee filters, crepe papers, cardstock, and scrapbook paper. Check out 21 DIY paper flowers to add an everlasting burst of colors to your parents’ house here.


Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are an excellent way to tell someone they are loved and appreciated! For seniors who particularly enjoy getting creative with scrapbooks, the joy of putting greeting cards together piece by piece is simply more satisfying than most. The best part about making greeting cards is that there are no restrictions on what you can put on them.


Decorated Picture Frames

A picture frame allows us to treasure and keeps our fond, loving memories alive and by our sides. In addition to wide frame options available at decor stores, organizing a frame decoration activity for your seniors and family members is a wonderful way to create even more memories to be framed later. Check out picture frame decoration ideas here.

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Sewing & Knitting Craft Ideas

Crocheted Animals


Although crocheting animals is more complicated than basic crocheting styles, cute creatures made of thin cotton yarn make a lovely gift for special occasions like birthdays and baby showers! If your parents are tempted to try this creative craft idea but unsure where to start, check out this guide to 25 easy crochet animal patterns for beginners.


Pillow Case

You may not realize it but covering your pillow with hand-sewn pillowcases is the ultimate way to change the look of your bedroom and living room. Are you looking for more inspiration and uniqueness? Add tassels, pom poms, or lace to the trims!


Heating Bags

A heating bag is the best remedy for seniors who often run into muscle aches and cramps. Of course, you can easily find a broad range of heating bags on the market, but did you know that you can help your parents make one or more for free using materials from their household?

A homemade heating rice bag is what we are talking about. It is reusable and likely to last a lifetime, making it an ideal gift for all friends and family. For this helpful craft idea, you only need an old pillowcase, rice, and essential oils (if necessary). Follow the tutorial on how to make a heating rice bag here.


Painting Craft Ideas

Decorated Mugs

Do your parents have a collection of plain, boring mugs? Let’s give them a twist! Decorating mugs is a fun craft idea for people of all ages, from minors to seniors, and nothing beats sipping coffee or tea from one that you painted yourself.

Asides from Sharpies, any adhesive paint such as acrylic or ceramic will help your parents create a mug masterpiece. In the end, put the mugs into the oven to set the paint, and they are ready to use! Take a look at these decoration ideas here.


Painted Terracotta Pots


Like the decorated mug craft idea, painting terracotta pots is a creative way to add your remarks to ordinary-looking garden pots. Plus, your parents’ garden will look better. Flowers, abstracts, stars, hearts, and geometric shapes are a few ideas to paint and draw on clay pots. Make sure to clean and wipe the pots thoroughly before painting. This step will leave a perfectly smooth surface, offering an easygoing crafting experience for your parents and older family members.


Coloring Books

These days, coloring books for adults have increased in popularity since they are proven to be an effective therapeutic therapy for relieving anxiety and depression. Whether your parents want to combat boredom or pursue their creative endeavors, coloring is a simple method to keep your seniors entertained while also helping them shut down the noise inside their heads. Don’t forget to choose large-print coloring books if your parents suffer from visual impairments.


Holiday Craft Ideas

Christmas Wreaths


Although making festive wreaths is not easy, it’s worth trying to add some holiday cheer from scratch. Can’t seem to source some lovely branches in your garden? You can help your seniors contact local florists or just use dried materials for the wreath—they tend to last longer and can be reused for many years. Here are 55 DIY Christmas wreath ideas to welcome your guests this holiday season.


Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are not just pretty on the tree but also priceless keepsakes for future generations, especially if they are handmade with love and stray away from the traditional sphere-shaped ornaments. Moreover, they make great holiday gifts. Additionally, marking a date for making ornaments together with other family members helps strengthen the family bond between younger and older generations. So, it’s time to trade ordinary ornaments for these fun creations. Get inspiration here.


Decorated Easter Eggs

Upgrading Easter egg craft ideas is an easy way to celebrate and get creative. While sticking to traditional ideas will make the eggs as beautiful as usual, there are various ways to help your parents get creative and in the mood for Easter! The days of average-looking eggs are over; try these unique designs here instead.


Crafting Times at 12 Oaks Communities

At 12 Oaks managed senior living communities, we offer a variety of fun and easy activities that stimulate your seniors’ cognitive functions and mental health while also providing them with long-lasting happiness and hearty laughter.

From activities as simple as painting mugs and pressing flowers to those somewhat as complicated as making Christmas wreaths and ornaments, your senior family members can genuinely feel comfortable and happy in a family-like atmosphere created by our dedicated team.


If you have questions about easy craft ideas for seniors, connect with us and learn more. 

At 12 Oaks, our team of caring professionals is dedicated to keeping residents safe, engaged, and connected to their families and friends while leading fulfilling lives. 12 Oaks community is an ideal place to enjoy the encore season of life.

For questions or to book a scheduled personalized tour, don’t hesitate to contact us. 


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