Benefits of Coloring for Your Elderly Family Member

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In recent years, coloring has made a strong comeback not only among children but also grown-ups who refer to coloring as a tool to self-care and stress relief.

The benefits of coloring are more extensive than expected. More than just a recreational hobby to pass the time, coloring offers a host of beneficial, if not therapeutic, effects on the body’s functions. For instance, people with high levels of stress report feeling calmer, more relaxed, and more content after several coloring sessions.

What benefits can seniors reap from coloring, and how does it affect their overall wellness and social life in general?

Read on to learn the five benefits of coloring for seniors.


Reasons Why Coloring Is a Terrific Hobby for Seniors

How Does Coloring Benefit Seniors?

In some ways, coloring is an alternative to mindfulness and meditation techniques. Instead of controlling your breath while sitting still, which can be tedious at times, coloring is powerful enough to evoke similar outcomes as meditation, such as feelings of calmness, relaxation, and enjoyment, despite requiring less effort.

Below are some reasons to consider introducing this much-loved childhood activity to your parents and other older family members.


Coloring Can Improve Motor Skills

12Oaks-Woman in striped red and white shirt working on watercolor painting at table-ss-4 Coloring Boosts Creativity and Logical Thinking

Do you know why coloring is one of the first activities introduced to preschoolers? Motor skills, which are essential muscle-related tasks throughout our lifetime, can be effectively developed through the act of coloring.

So, why is it imperative to remaster motor skills at later ages? It comes as no shocker that the aging process can deteriorate seniors’ fine motor skills over time, leaving most of them unable to care for themselves due to the loss of muscle control and coordination. The loss of muscle control often results in involuntarily trembling and shaky hands.

This is not ideal for seniors leading a solitary life since it can cause difficulties handling simple, day-to-day tasks like brushing their teeth, drinking, or holding a spoon. Coloring can improve hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and other motor functions, enabling seniors to confidently and freely lead their lives.


Coloring May Ease Stress and Anxiety

12Oaks-Hobby Ideas for Older People-ss-2 Coloring May Ease Stress and Anxiety

Since career obligations and duties are lifted off seniors’ shoulders, many believe they are rarely stressed. The truth is that seniors share equal chances of experiencing stress, much like younger adults.

For example, some seniors may find themselves under a lot of stress when making prompt decisions about seeking appropriate senior care and medical attention. Simultaneously, significant changes in health, age-related ailments, and general boredom can be agitating as well, increasing their risk of stress and anxiety levels.

Can seniors color for their health? The answer is yes. Coloring is a healthy way to de-stress, among other tried-and-true stress relief techniques. Science found that engaging in 20 minutes of coloring activity could alleviate anxiety and boost moods in seniors.


Coloring Increases Social Interactions

12Oaks-family activity. Happy grandchild, adult daughter and grandmother-ss-3 Coloring Increases Social Interactions

Joining in coloring groups or communities is the ultimate way for seniors to increase their social interaction with other seniors, lowering feelings of loneliness and boredom. Moreover, coloring is a fantastic alternative to other activities if your parents can’t participate due to mobility issues.

What else is there? Since coloring helps people connect, it is a fantastic family activity in which the entire family, from children to middle-aged and senior adults, can participate. More than anything, all family members can stay mentally connected to each other, strengthen their familial bonds, and create fond memories together by spending time coloring.


Coloring Boosts Creativity and Logical Thinking

12Oaks-senior taps into creativity. Coloring book-us-4 Coloring Boosts Creativity and Logical Thinking

Not only does coloring encourage children to express their talents, but it also paves the way for seniors to tap into their creativity. Art has no boundaries or rules to follow, meaning your parents are not tied to specific standards or expectations when coloring. At best, it allows them to discover their hidden artistic skills and improve their logical thinking.

Coloring is a rare activity proven to boost not one but two sides of the brain. When coloring, choosing which colors to fill in boosts the right hemisphere, whereas focusing on following the lines with each stroke is advantageous for the left hemisphere.


Coloring Helps Seniors Sleep Better

12Oaks-Senior couple sleeping on bed in bedroom-ss-5 Coloring Helps Seniors Sleep Better

Many refer to coloring as a form of meditation, similar to yoga and mindfulness practices. Therefore, it is worth considering making this activity a part of your parents’ sleep routine, especially if they have been struggling with falling asleep due to eventual drops in natural sleep hormones.

In contrast to electronic devices emitting blue light, infamous for disrupting sleep, sitting down and starting to color won’t mess with their sleep patterns. Instead, it provides soothing effects that promote better and deeper sleep.


Color to Happiness at 12 Oaks Communities

Aging has a strong link with many mental and physical health risks. However, engaging in creative activities like coloring is a beneficial pursuit that helps seniors rediscover happiness and life satisfaction as they reach their golden years. It connects like-minded seniors and encourages them to express themselves beyond their self-limitations in the form of art.

Our 12 Oaks-managed senior living communities offer various activities stimulating seniors’ physical and mental health. Our senior living professionals strive to deliver the best care and activities for all residents.


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