Senior Entrepreneurship: Starting a Business After 60

A concept of senior entrepreneurship, showing an elderly person starting a small business

As we step into our golden years, it’s a chance to look back at all the hard work and wonderful friendships we’ve built. But it’s also a great time to start something new, like a business, using all that knowledge and experience we’ve gathered. Did you know Colonel Sanders started his famous chicken business when […]

6 Safe Online Banking Tips for Your Parents


It can’t be denied that online banking has taken the world by storm in recent years. It makes sending and receiving money and shopping online easier with a few taps, especially during the pandemic when people avoided in-person contact. Although most people think online banking is only popular among the younger generation, surveys have shown […]

Asset Protection Planning Tips For Older Adults

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Keeping your assets safe is not an easy task because the future is unpredictable. It is even more arduous for seniors as they frequently face several challenges that may deter them from undertaking the proper steps and actions to protect their assets from being exploited. Explore our compiled list of useful tips and tricks to […]

How to Afford Assisted Living When Your Parents Run Out of Money?

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Given the soaring inflation, there is a grim reality that most American seniors may not have enough to afford assisted living and other senior housing by 2033. What happens to the elderly with no money? While it is evident that they struggle to make ends meet from day to day, another repercussion faced is a […]

How to Pay for Senior Living

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How do you pay for senior living? Learn about costs, the value and the variety of ways you can stretch your budget as well as your options.