5 Winter Safety Tips For Seniors & Caregivers

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As you stare out the window, enjoying a cup of tea, you take a minute to appreciate the beauty of the frost-covered trees and grass outside. Childhood flashbacks of snow angels and snowball fights pop into your mind, and you can’t help but chuckle remembering the thrill of snowflakes falling on your tongue. There was nothing better than putting on warm clothes and drinking a cup of hot chocolate after playing outside in the crisp air.

While the winter months bring a delicate beauty, it’s also a dangerous time for seniors. With the increase in potential injuries and potential isolation, it’s essential to remain vigilant about your family’s safety this season.

As the days become shorter and the temperatures get colder, it’s vital to review winter safety tips for those you love. Follow these tips to make sure everyone stays safe and warm during the season.


Seasonal Dangers For Seniors

It can feel like danger lurks around every corner in the winter months. The increased risk of slips and falls makes the desire to stay indoors palpable. Instead of focusing on the negative, stay mindful of seasonal dangers, and help everyone enjoy the winter season.

The older we get, the more prone we are to feel temperature changes. From our metabolism slowing down to our skin thinning, small temperature drops can have big repercussions. It’s important to stay alert for hypothermia and dehydration during this season, on top of an increase in aches and pains.


Winter Safety Tips

Winter safety ranges from keeping your home stocked for emergencies, wearing layers of clothing, and being extremely cautious while driving. Don’t be caught unprepared, and stay comfortable all winter long.


Winter Safety Tip#1: Emergency Kits

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During winter, having an emergency kit is crucial at home and in the car. You will want to make sure your home kit has a flashlight, batteries, extra daily medication, blankets, and an emergency radio or cell phone. Make a clear plan if the power goes out and where your senior relatives can go to stay warm.

If your relatives are still driving, the emergency kits in the car should include the numbers of a 24-hour mechanic and tow service, a blanket, bottled water, and a first aid kit. Every winter is an excellent opportunity to brush up on winter driving safety tips, especially with black ice or whiteout conditions. Encourage your elder family members to avoid driving in bad weather unless completely necessary.


Winter Safety Tip#2: Avoid Any Slip & Fall Injuries

One of the biggest challenges in the winter months is avoiding potential injuries. With icy surfaces outdoors and swollen joints from the cold, we can all feel a little more clumsy, and one wrong move can have devastating consequences. You can support your relatives with non-slip footwear and check all mobility aids have the correct grips for indoor and outdoor climates.


Winter Safety Tip#3: Lend A Helping Hand

Taking care of icy outdoor walkways and driveways may not be particularly enjoyable, but for our parents, this activity can lead to injury or catching pneumonia. Find a community volunteer or dedicated service that will make sure your relative’s driveway and walkways are salted and shoveled if needed.


Winter Safety Tip#4: Exercise The Blues Away

Even if your relatives are staying home more, that’s no excuse to avoid working out and staying active. It’s easy to find at-home workouts or even simple stretches that can help their mindset and keep them limber.


Winter Safety Tip#5:  Don’t Slack On Meal Preparation

With the cold weather, we crave comfort. Our older family members may indulge in anything that makes them feel comfortable. It’s still important to maintain a healthy diet rich in vitamin D. Tuna and cheese are great options for snacks and easy fixes.

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The 12 Oaks Standard

BLOG_12O_A-senior-woman-with-a-health-visitor_The-12-Oaks-Community-Standard | 5 Winter Safety Tips For Seniors & Caregivers

At the family of 12 Oaks communities, all of our living and communal spaces are explicitly designed for safety, comfort, and ease. We design everything with the practical needs of our residents in mind, and our team is familiar with how to make everyone comfortable.

Your local 12 Oaks community is also a great place to build friendships and eliminate loneliness or isolation over the winter months. Each one of our seniors leads fulfilling lives with hobbies and tailored personal care.


If you have questions about winter safety tips or any conditions discussed here, connect with us and learn more.

At 12 Oaks, our team of caring professionals is dedicated to keeping residents safe, engaged, and connected to their families and friends while still leading fulfilling lives. There’s no better place to enjoy the encore season of life than at a 12 Oaks community. For questions or to schedule a visit, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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