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Independent living can provide active older adults a deeper sense of independence – and peace of mind – inside a community full of like-minded people. It balances the various needs of older adults today, such as:

  • Help whenever they need it without having to compromise their independence
  • A whole community that respects the boundaries of their privacy
  • A solution to the endless costs and frustrations of home maintenance, allowing for more time to themselves
  • Dedicated access to classes, meals, transportation, and many other amenities right outside their door


Because of these advantages and more, an independent living community is a great option for adults who might face challenges living alone at home. To provide residents with care and comfort, you can expect most independent living communities to offer the following: 

  • Delicious meals prepared daily to meet the nutritional goals and dietary needs of older adults
  • A huge range of activities such as social events, regularly scheduled classes, informal gatherings, and fun outings 
  • An active community where adventure and life is just outside the front door
  • An independent home where they will enjoy privacy 
  • The chance to mingle with other older adults who choose to have a vibrant retirement and an active lifestyle
  • Transportation to activities, shopping, local events, and other close amenities
  • An end to the challenges and costs of having to maintain a home
  • A well-maintained community that offers indoor and outdoor areas to explore, relax, play, and socialize
  • 24/7 access to people who can provide assistance when needed. Independent living communities will always have staff available. Some are also affiliated with assisted living communities should their needs change. 


If your older family member is worried about going into independent living, remember to tell them that they won’t have to sacrifice their independence. It’s not like going into a hospital or skilled nursing facility. Instead, explain that independent living marks a new milestone and is a shift towards their new life as an active older adult. Independent living preserves the good things for the next chapter of their lives — retirement, freedom, the chance to pursue lost passions, and more — while providing your loved ones with a buffer against the frustrations of becoming older. 

While it may be hard to watch our loved ones move to an independent living community, it is ultimately the best choice for our older family members who may need just a little more assistance than we are able to provide. At the same time, it provides them with the independence that they otherwise wouldn’t have if they were still living alone at home. To see how you can benefit from an independent living community, visit our website at 12 Oaks Senior Living for more details, and request our Family Decision Toolkit to guide you to find the perfect community for you and your loved ones to enjoy the best years of their life.

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