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6 Healthy Brain Food Recipes To Stimulate Your Elder Family Members’ Appetite

Did you know you could stimulate and strengthen your family members’ appetite and memory? These healthy brain food recipes will keep their stomachs happy and brain active.

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    Do you remember the joy of running into your childhood home and smelling your favorite meal? You would rush into the kitchen hoping you could have a taste and pout when you were told no. Sometimes your mom or dad would give you a small bite to tide you over, but as you sat at the table your anticipation grew. Maybe it was a secret recipe only your mother could master or dad’s famous chili, but it was worth the wait.

    As you age, you try to learn the secret ingredients and recreate your parents’ signature dishes. Did you know you can stimulate and strengthen your aging family members’ appetite and memory through food? Your skills in the kitchen can do more now than ever. Prepare these plates to keep their stomachs happy and brain active.


    Early Warning Signs of Memory Loss You Need to Consider

    As we get older, our body’s mental and physical capabilities slow down, and we can begin to feel the signs of aging as early as thirty. It’s natural not to heal as fast from exercise, so we feel aches and pains more frequently. We take longer to finish projects, finding it harder to focus.

    If you are a caregiver or are responsible for providing support to your aging relatives, you’ve probably witnessed this first hand. Hopefully, by the time you’re in your seventies, there will be new technical and medical advances. Still, for now, family and members of the community are best at helping to identify the early warning signs of memory loss.

    Early warning signs might include forgetting to take the garbage out, sweep the floors, or wash their dishes. As the years pass, your elder relatives might ask the same questions over and over or forget people’s names. They might begin to get confused with dates and accidentally miss appointments.

    These small moments of forgetfulness can begin to alter their mood and make them feel like they lack control in their day-to-day routine. To them, their comfortable independence is slipping through their fingers.


    How the Aging Brain Affect Your Senior?

    As we grow older, our brains shrink. This change mainly impacts the frontal cortex, which is responsible for planning and making decisions. It can manifest as confusion with understanding directions or remembering details.

    We also begin to produce less dopamine. With the brain shrinking and less dopamine production, our bodies are confused about doing specific tasks and wonder why we should bother doing them if they don’t make us feel good.

    Before your elderly relatives reach this level, you can help make small changes to their diet that include the nutrients required for better focus and mental health. Trying these easy recipes together will motivate them to see what they can still accomplish and help them to feel energized while doing it.


    Foods Should be Added to The Brain Recipes

    All of these healthy foods are designed to boost your senior relatives’ brain and mental health. Be prepared to enjoy delicious flavors and quality time together with a bonus of nutritional benefits!


    1. Teriyaki Salmon With Zucchini

    Terriyaki Salmon With Zucchini - food for the brain recipe | These 6 Brain Healthy Recipes To Stimulate Your Elder Family Members' Appetite

    Salmon is a powerhouse for our elderly family members. It has Omega-3 fatty acids, plus a high serving of protein and vitamin D. The best part is that studies show salmon can help with memory speed and mood swings.


    2. Spinach Omelet

    Spinach Omelet - food for the brain recipe | These 6 Brain Healthy Recipes To Stimulate Your Elder Family Members' Appetite

    Eggs and spinach are additional protein sources for your mature relatives that help muscles stay strong and their minds active! Both ingredients will also help with eye health, specifically avoiding the risk of cataracts.


    3. Spaghetti With Sardines

    Spaghetti With Sardines - food for the brain | These 6 Brain Healthy Recipes To Stimulate Your Elder Family Members' Appetite

    Oily fish should be making a regular appearance in your older relatives’ weekly meal plan. These tiny fishes pack a hefty dose of vitamins B and D, but they also help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and increase heart health.


    4. Chocolate Protein Balls

    Chocolate Protein Balls - food for the brain recipe | These 6 Brain Healthy Recipes To Stimulate Your Elder Family Members' Appetite

    Enjoying this snack together or apart will naturally increase everyone’s dopamine levels.

    These dessert-like ingredients make it feel like a treat instead of a healthy choice. Dark chocolate helps improve circulation, reduce blood pressure and help with brain stimulation.


    5. Cinnamon-sprinkled Grilled Peaches 

    Cinnamon-sprinkled Grilled Peaches - food for the brain recipe | These 6 Brain Healthy Recipes To Stimulate Your Elder Family Members' Appetite

    We love finding ways to keep nutrition sweet. Cinnamon is great to sprinkle on toast, or as a dessert alternative, grilled peaches. Cinnamon is linked to several benefits, including being anti-inflammatory, containing antioxidants, and is increasing your immune system.


    6. Green Tea 

    2 cups of green tea | These 6 Brain Healthy Recipes To Stimulate Your Elder Family Members' Appetite

    Pour a cup of green tea for extra physical and mental energy. Green tea also helps with digestion and is the perfect way to extend your time together. Sitting with your family and enjoying these easy recipes guarantees to create a beautiful moment that both of you will remember.


    The 12 Oaks Community Memory Care Approach

    In the 12 Oaks Senior Community, we have unique and personalized options for every resident.

    If your family has received a Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis, we are here to help. Our shared goal with you is to keep your loved ones safe and protect their dignity.

    We work hard to learn more about our residents. We value their life story and seek to learn from their experiences. This foundation means we can discover more insights about your elderly family member and provide opportunities for each resident to live purposefully.


    If you have questions about brain-healthy food or any conditions discussed here, connect with us and learn more.

    At 12 Oaks, our team of caring professionals is dedicated to keeping residents safe, engaged, and connected to their families and friends while still leading fulfilling lives. There’s no better place to enjoy the encore season of life than at a 12 Oaks community. 

    For questions or to book a scheduled personalized tour, don’t hesitate to contact us



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