9 New Year’s Eve Party Ideas For Senior Family Members

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Each family has unique celebrations to ring in the new year. When you were a child, your parents would host lavish dinner parties, and you would fall asleep listening to the adults cheer as the clock struck midnight. You enjoyed being out with friends and potentially receiving a good luck kiss in your teenage years! Now, as an adult and your family grows older, you want to spend as much time together as possible. With restrictions on public gatherings, figure out the best way to ring in the new year at home.


Organize a new year’s eve party that will be comfortable for generations, young and old. From themes, snacks, and accessibility modifications, our family at 12 Oaks managed properties will guide you on ringing in 2022 in the best way possible!


9 New Year’s Eve Party Ideas For Senior Family Members

Agreeing to host a new year’s eve party can be stressful. Focus on a central theme, and build your party around that to set expectations. Use these five new year’s eve party ideas to create a memory no one in your family will ever forget.


New Year’s Eve Party Theme One: Blast From The Past

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Use this theme to ask your family which decade they would like to choose and focus the entire night on this era. You can design cocktails and new year’s eve appetizers that embrace your creativity and encourage everyone to find costumes. Specific decades might unlock memories for your aging relatives, and you could even learn something new!


New Year’s Eve Party Theme Two: Daytime Party Design

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The hardest part about a new year’s eve party is staying up until midnight. Take the pressure off and hold a daytime celebration complete with sparkling ciders and a decadent brunch or early supper. Spending the day together will be the best way to end 2021, and getting a good night’s sleep means everyone starts 2022 in the best form possible.


New Year’s Eve Party Theme Three: Memory Lane

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Everyone has a favorite new year’s eve party memory. Why not recreate them all at once? This theme keeps the night open and diverse. Each tailored aspect of the evening allows relatives to open up about a highlight in the past.


 New Year’s Eve Party Theme Four: Rest & Relaxation

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This theme is all about being cozy, with a dress code to match! Encourage everyone to wear their pajamas, pop some popcorn and choose a movie for everyone to enjoy as the last hours of 2021 fade away. We suggest simple home spa solutions like face masks or cucumber water to elevate this theme.


New Year’s Eve Party Theme Five: Razzle Dazzle

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If your family wants to go big, make sure you exceed their expectations with a razzle-dazzle party theme. With glitz, glam and glitter, transform your house into a luxury escape and encourage everyone to dress to impress. While everyone dresses to the nines, it’s an excellent excuse for a new family photo.


New Year’s Eve Party Theme Six: Games with Friends and Family

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Nothing beats playing fun games with friends and family, especially on occasions like this! Fun yet mildly competitive games are the ultimate way to bring everyone closer together. Moreover, the New Year’s Eve party is an excellent opportunity to introduce new games. When it comes to fun party games, the possibilities are endless — from as simple as UNO and Scrabble to as exciting as Monopoly, Liar’s Dice, and Codenames — it’s all up to you and your parents! You can help your parents and older family members purchase games online or in-store to create a more memorable time while counting down on New Year’s Eve.


New Year’s Eve Party Theme Seven: “When I Grow Up, I Wanna Be…”

12Oaks-Grandfather With Grandson dressed as a superhero-ss-New Year_s Eve Party Theme Seven- _When I Grow Up, I Wanna Be..._

Everyone, including your parents, was once a child with dreams of what they wanted to be when they grew up. While only a few of us can make our dreams come true, others may have let life get in between and forgot their childhood dreams. Whatever it is, add a new twist to your New Year’s Eve party by asking everyone to dress up as what they dreamt of as a child.


New Year’s Eve Party Theme Eight: New Year’s Solutions

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We all know that it is impossible to tell what we will be in the next five years, but it doesn’t hurt to pen down lists of simple things that you or your parents might need to take care of all year round. It could be to master new skills, learn new languages, declutter your storage, eat healthier, exercise more, spend quality time with friends and family, and more.


New Year’s Eve Party Theme Nine: Movie Night

12Oaks-Happy senior couple with grandson choosing christmas movie on laptop-ss-New Year_s Eve Party Theme Nine- Movie Night

Gathering to watch a set of old-but-gold New Year-themed movies is the top-tier way to get in the spirit before the ball drops! Set up a cozy space, prepare snacks and drinks, dim out the lights, and tune into the following movies: Holiday (1938), Chimes at Midnight (1965), ‘Til We Meet Again (1940), and When Harry Met Sally (1989). Discover more best New Year’s movies here.


New Year’s Eve Party Activities

After deciding on the theme and getting your family on board, you can dive deeper into your new years eve party aesthetic through food, decorations, and games. With older members of your family in consideration, you still have plenty of options for everyone to be comfortable.


New Year’s Eve Food

The new year’s eve detail our 12 Oaks family prioritizes is the meal! You have several options, from different new year’s eve appetizers, choosing a favorite family recipe, or creating a full buffet. The best options will be low salt, sugar, and fat, but with sugar substitutes and creamy options like hummus or Greek yogurt, everyone’s stomach will be full.


New Year’s Eve Activities

A new year’s eve party is a great chance to bring out board games. Choosing this activity is excellent mental stimulation and allows everyone to sit comfortably. Other activities include:

  • Watching a movie or a televised countdown.
  • Doing a puzzle.
  • Finding a craft project everyone can do together.


Celebrate With Your Local 12 Oaks

In a 12 Oaks-managed community, we love to spend time with our extended family. Each experience at one of our 12 Oaks-managed locations focuses on making everyone feel welcome and celebrated. New Year’s Eve is an excellent opportunity to celebrate accomplishments and plan for the future.


If you have questions about new year’s eve party ideas or any topics discussed here, connect with us and learn more. 

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