10 Interesting Netflix Shows to Binge With Your Grandparents

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When our seniors have too much time on their hands, days can feel slow, especially if there isn’t much to do around the household.

With recreational, senior-friendly activities eventually getting repetitive at one point or another, tuning into TV shows and series is another way to sprinkle our seniors’ lives with enjoyment, amusement, or even insightful knowledge!

In the era of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, we have gathered a list of ten interesting Netflix shows in three different categories to binge with your grandparents.


Best Documentary Series on Netflix

Wise men said, “it is never too late to learn new things.” Documentaries provide educational content that keeps your grandparents’ minds active and occupied with informative perspectives on the ever-changing world through visuality.

Need help figuring out where to start? We understand there are numerous shows released on Netflix. Here we break down a list of documentaries worth tuning in with your grandparents and other elder family members.


Night on Earth

12Oaks-1 Night on Earth

Do you think the world shuts down right when the last sun ray disappears from the skyline? Not at all.

“Night on Earth” is a British-made nature documentary series consisting of six high-definition videos that reveal the life of the world’s creatures on every corner of Earth after the sun goes down. By using ground-breaking video recording techniques, “Night on Earth,” narrated by Samira Wiley, presents audiences with a sharp, close-up look into the nightlife of several types of creatures and how they function at night, from glowing scorpions, lion cubs, to bats, elephants, and deep-sea creatures.


Our Great National Parks

12Oaks-2 Our Great National Parks

Narrated and executive produced by Former President Barack Obama, “Our Great National Parks” is a five-part documentary that takes your grandparents on the journey into the wilderness while also giving them a broader understanding of the world’s most spectacular national parks, breath-taking landscapes, and seascapes with its top-tier cinematography.


Our Planet

12Oaks-3 Our Planet

“Our Planet” is Netflix’s original documentary series that captures wildlife and follows animals in 50 countries worldwide.

Voiced by respectable naturalist Sir David Attenborough, the series’ primary purpose is to raise awareness of our world’s most precious and rare species and display the lives of all living creatures in awe-inspiring details. Undoubtedly, it is the top choice for avid fans of planet Earth. With “Our Planet,” your grandparents can sit back, relax, and discover more about nature and wildlife and how drastic climate changes may take a toll on vulnerable creatures.


Unsolved Mysteries

12Oaks-4 Unsolved Mysteries

Are you and your grandparent’s big fans of detectives and unsolved missing cases? Then, “Unsolved Mysteries” — Netflix’s popular TV series that brings real-life cold cases of perplexing disappearances into the light — might be your cup of tea.

As upsetting as it may sound, the series goes above and beyond its intended purpose by encouraging viewers to submit tips for solving any cases they have watched. In fact, according to Netflix, a significant number of audiences’ contributions did help families and friends unravel what happened to their long-gone loved ones.


Best Drama Series on Netflix

Do you want to rescue your grandparents from boredom? Add a twist of drama into their pastimes by introducing these Netflix’s top-rated drama series.


The Crown

12Oaks-5 The Crown

The award-winning drama chronicles the life and reign of the late Queen Elizabeth II, from her coronation in the 1940s to modern times.

Looking for reasons why you should be watching “The Crown” with your grandparents? Aside from the fact that it is based on actual historical events, the drama does an excellent job of depicting the British royal family, including world-famous romances and hidden political rivalries. Even if you and your grandparents are not fans of the monarch, “The Crown” is worth a watch due to its incredible cast and critically acclaimed plot.


The Hardy Boys

Based on the well-known teen book series of the same name that has sold over 70 million copies, The Hardy Boys follows the adventures of two Hardy brothers, Frank and Joe, as they set out to solve mysteries in the town of Bridgeport.

Despite numerous movie adaptations throughout the year, it is safe to say that The Hardy Boys is worth a watch due to its intriguing storyline and good acting from teen actors Rohan Campbell and Alexander Eilliot. Above everything else, The Hardy Boys is a family-friendly TV drama that all generations can gather and have a good laugh while discussing the investigation with the duo per episode.


The Adventures of Merlin

Merlin is another worth-watching TV drama if your parents are huge fans of Harry Potter, thrones, and wizardry. In contrast to The Crown, Merlin goes in a different direction by depicting the mythical story about King Arthur and his trusted servant with magical powers — Merlin in the kingdom of Camelot.

This 5-season series neatly follows Merlin’s life during a time when his magic powers were considered outlawed as well as his devotional contribution to King Arthur’s path to becoming the king of Camelot. If you and your seniors are expecting all things wizardry in The Adventures of Merlin, brace yourself for a lot of sword fighting and even fire-breathing dragons!


Best Comedy Shows on Netflix

In the mood for a laugh? Add a bit of joy to your grandparents’ days with these funniest comedy shows on Netflix right below.


New Girl

12Oaks-8 New Girl

The sitcom stars Jess Day — a quirky teacher and the only female living in an apartment full of guys after calling it quits with her long-term boyfriend following his cheating.

The storyline of “New Girl” revolves around how they grow closer as friends and navigate their adulthood through every phase of life: getting married and having babies, accompanied by a plethora of cliche events toward the end of the series. One of the best things about “New Girl” is that it features talented comedians/actors and a rich storyline, ensuring a good time for you and your grandparents on a chilled weekend.


Fuller House

Even if you and your seniors hold the original Full House dearly to your heart, the reboot Fuller House promises a fresh take on the best-known TV series of the 1990s — Full House.

The cheesy sitcom centers around the dynamic life of the widowed and mother-of-three D.J Tanner-Fuller, her sister, and her eccentric friend Kimmy who give her a hand in raising up her sons under one roof.


Man vs. Bee

12Oaks-10 Man vs. Bee

Starring Rowan Atkinson — one of the world’s most famous comedians — “Man vs. Bee” is another good show on Netflix that promises to bring lots of laughter and rejoicing in 9 episodes with 10 minutes each.

Atkinson’s latest comedy is the story of Trevor Bingley — a house sitter assigned to look after the luxurious mansion of a wealthy couple. Then, he finds himself at war with a mischievous bee right inside the mansion he is responsible for a week. Will he be able to control everything or fail his new job? Find out now!


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