Memory Games for Elderly Loved Ones to Keep Their Minds Sharp

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Over the years, your parents’ memory may slowly diminish, causing them to forget simple details and things like names, locations, and faces more often than before. Although it is completely acceptable not to remember everything, forgetfulness with no intervention can cause seniors to experience disturbance and troubles later in their lives.

In recent years, several studies have strongly emphasized the significance of regular brain exercises in conjunction with physical workouts to protect seniors from the adverse effects of aging.

So, what is the best way to help your parents prevent memory loss and maintain their mental sharpness over time? We have compiled a list of the top five memory games your parents and other elderly family members will love doing.


Top 5 Memory Games to Maintain Mental Sharpness for Seniors

What Benefits Do Memory Games Provide?

Memory games, like matching card games, are incredibly fun activities that are loved by all generations. These classic games have been shown to have high effectiveness in training memory and enhancing visual recognition. It also helps to increase attention and enables the brain to process information more proactively and quickly.

With outstanding benefits on cognitive abilities, memory games are a mighty tool for seniors to keep their brains active and combat neurodegenerative disease while also allowing them to be socially engaged with friends and family members through simple and mini competitions.

Other health benefits of memory games for seniors include:

  • Increasing short-term memory.
  • Training visual memory.
  • Boosting attention to detail.
  • Improving concentration.


5 Best Memory Games to Keep Your Parents’ Minds Sharp

Keeping the brain active is equally important to stay in shape. Keep reading to discover some memory games to keep your parents’ minds sharp and intellectually stimulated.


Matching Games

12Oaks-Beautiful toddler girl and grandfather playing together pictures memory table cards game at home-as-1 Matching Game

Matching card games are the most popular memory games that parents can play anytime they want, with their friends or even grandchildren! This addictive game typically involves two players who take turns flipping over cards laid downward in random order until they can form a pair from two identical cards. The person who gets the most pairs of matching cards is the winner.

Dominos, mahjong cards, and concentration are the most well-known forms of finding the same cards. The sensory stimulus that comes with holding cards and tiles adds to the fun and excitement. But you can also play matching games digitally by downloading them from Apple Store or Google Play Store.


Jigsaw Puzzles

12Oaks-Two diverse female friends sitting in kitchen doing puzzles-as-2 Jigsaw Puzzles

While many memory games focus on the left brain, jigsaw puzzles are a powerful game that helps to stimulate both sides of the brain, improving a person’s problem-solving skills and ability to pay greater attention to little details while assembling the bigger picture.

Another perk of this memory game is that your parents can enjoy the game on their own or join other friends, especially if they are eager to solve a giant jigsaw puzzle. By trying to fit tiny pieces of puzzles into others, your parents can have the chance to sharpen their minds, activate their cognitive functions, and increase their teamwork skills when playing with their friends.


Trivia Games

12Oaks-Group of energetic seniors doing high five-as-3 Trivia Games

Trivia is a type of game that helps everyone learn and expand their general knowledge of the world around them. It usually involves participants divided into two teams, with the goal of scoring as many correct answers to random questions as possible.

Aside from providing a good laugh, trivia games encourage all participants to get involved in healthy debates, meaning your parents or elderly family members can have a chance to connect with others and make new friends. The topics of trivia games are relatively extensive, but you can help your parents to pick out the most interesting and relevant questions for their seniorhood. Some trivia topics include history, literature, old TV shows, etc.


Crossword Puzzles

12Oaks-Senior man doing crossword-as-4 Crossword Puzzles

In recent years, many studies have disclosed the same outcome: playing crossword puzzles can slow down or even delay the progression of memory decline in seniors. So, getting your parents to come up with the missing words is another excellent way to sharpen their brains and improve their cognitive capabilities, even if they never get to solve the whole crossword themselves.

In addition to various crossword booklets available to purchase in most bookstores, you can also help your parents download crossword games on their phones so they can enjoy the games during their pastimes. Some popular crossword games you can suggest to your parents are Hangman, Finish the saying, Boggle, and Word search.



12Oaks senior lady playing solitaire-as-5 Solitaire

Solitaire is another popular, fantastic game to help your parents exercise and challenge their brains. Despite its simple rules, the game is bound to provide the brain with various psychological benefits that your parents might find helpful in their daily lives.

Aside from providing hours of endless entertainment since the classic game comes with numerous versions to choose from, solitaire is ideal for seniors looking for a fun alternative to improve their memory and mental skills.


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