6 Relaxing Indoor Gardening Projects Your Parents Will Enjoy Doing


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For just a short few years, gardening has become a source of joy and pride for millions of seniors. Caring for plants and digging in the dirt give seniors a sense of accomplishment as gardening helps them keep their hands busy and reoccupy their minds. Thus, tending to plants has been shown to revitalize seniors’ health when exposed to sunshine and fresh air.

However, gardening is only enjoyable when the weather is warmer, and winter months rolling in can turn gardening into a not-so-pleasant experience. That’s why indoor gardening is here to save the day! Indoor gardening is an incredible way to bring nature closer and let your parents enjoy the pleasures of gardening year-round, right from the comfort of their own homes. Explore some fun projects and indoor gardening ideas your parents will enjoy doing and the benefits of bringing plants indoors.


Indoor Gardening Ideas for Seniors: 6 Tips to Transform Your Parents’ Living Space

6 Fun & Creative Indoor Gardening Ideas for Seniors to Try

Creating an indoor garden doesn’t have to be boring. To inspire and help you and your parents better envision where and how to add plants to different areas of their loving home, we have compiled a list of 6 fun and creative indoor gardening ideas for seniors to transform their typical living space into a lush-green sanctuary.


Cultivate a Herb Garden


Herbs don’t take up much indoor space and can thrive in small containers on the windowsill with some sunshine peeking through. Some herbs like thyme, basil, cilantro, mint, oregano, sage, rosemary, parsley, and chives can add green to your parents’ kitchen. At best, these herbs are easy to grow and require little care and maintenance as they are tolerant to drought.

Another not-so-surprising perk of having a collection of herbs on hand is that your parents can throw fresh herbs into their pasta pots or summer cocktails instead of wandering outside amidst the summer heat. What else? Most herbs exude a pleasant scent, which has been proven beneficial for seniors’ senses and overall wellness when exposed to such natural aromatherapy.

Collect old cans or containers and choose all-purpose soil to plant the seeds when cultivating a herb garden. If you want to cut back on the time of germination and the efforts of your parents, getting pots of herbs is another way to go.


Grow Some Microgreens


Besides the collection of herbs right in the kitchen, growing microgreens is another indoor gardening idea that your parents can get their hands on.

To start planting microgreens, grab some contains and lay the seeds of beets and radishes evenly on the thin bed of soil, napkin, or cloth. Unlike other plants and herbs needing constant attention, miniature greens are delicate when kept in the shade with a little moisture. With high concentrations of vitamins and nutrients, they can be enjoyed with various dishes, such as salad bowls, sandwiches, toast, pasta, stir-fries, and smoothies.


Regrow Vegetables From Scrap Pieces


Did you know that many store-bought vegetables can regenerate in water and soil?

Regrowing vegetables from kitchen scraps is another enjoyable indoor gardening activity for your parents to try out, especially if they don’t own a garden or want to avoid the hassle of growing vegetables from scratch. In recent years, more and more people are growing on the idea of having a garden of their own by recycling scraps after cooking. It is cost-effective and sustainable, even making a fun experience enjoyed by the family and children.

Keep in mind that not all vegetable scraps will regrow. But a few examples of vegetables you can grow from scraps are onions, green onions, garlic, ginger, lettuce, celery, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, etc. Keep the stalks of vegetables and dip them in cups of water until they sprout before moving them into pots.


Build Your Own Terrarium


Terrariums refer to miniature landscapes or gardens that can fit perfectly into the enclosed glassware of your choice. Most terrariums are self-sustaining ecosystems that can survive for years and years with only a modest water supply. This technically means that your parents won’t have to worry about whether or not they have watered their plants when away from home.

Crafting a terrarium is fun for parents to join hands with their friends or family. With just glassware without drainage holes, soils, decorative stones, charcoal, and plants of choice, terrariums are easy to assemble and maintain. Yet, they can brighten up the living space when placed on the top of the bookshelf, on the kitchen table, or just about anywhere your parents desire.


Create a Home-Grown Jungle


Don’t waste the potential of empty corners around your parents’ home. Sometimes, the best indoor gardening ideas for seniors that your parents can be a part of is just bringing potted plants indoors and styling a mini jungle.

Select plants in different colors, shapes, heights, and sizes. You can use plant stands to create dimension when stacking all the plants together. Choose plant species that can thrive indoors without much sunlight and water. A lush-green jungle corner can add so much personality to your parents’ home, giving them a secret sanctuary for relaxing and meditating.


Construct a Vertical Garden


A vertical garden is an incredible way to utilize a blank wall and pack more nature into your parents’ home, especially if they live in assisted living communities and heavy potted plants take up too much space. Bookshelves, pallets, decorative ladders, and canvas shoe holders are some items that can serve as shelving to display a line of mixed potted plants and flowers up against the wall.

In addition to refreshing the living space, vertical plants make a livid accent wall and a unique work of art. Another surprising benefit of a garden defying the laws of gravity is that your parents don’t have to bend over to water and trim the plants. Remember to poke drainage holes and place a few shallow trays to catch excess water.


Indoor Gardening: What Are the Perks?

Whether your parents are passionate about digging in the dirt or not, it can’t be denied that gardening is good for the body and the soul. Having contact with the outdoors and sunshine strengthens the immune system, while cultivating the garden and longing for the harvest can deliver a stronger sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Over the years, many seniors have put gardening on a high pedestal as a healthy hobby that helps them detach from stressors associated with health concerns, maintain mental sharpness, and foster more relaxation while learning and developing new skills. Many studies have also demonstrated that gardening can help reduce chronic health conditions that come with old age: dementia and memory loss.

However, a large outdoor garden can be too much for some seniors, especially during the colder or hotter months. That’s why indoor gardening has become so popular lately as a practical substitute for traditional gardening. Indoor plants add so much personality to the entire house and provide seniors with heaps of health benefits that can be achieved right at their fingertips. Planting indoors is a fun hobby worth taking up as it helps stimulate the senses of seniors. Another perk of having plants around the house is that some plants can keep the living space away from toxins and produce extra oxygens, making seniors with respiratory problems breathe more easily with better air quality.

Over the past few years, an increasing number of individuals have embraced the practice of caring for and cohabitating with plants to engage their thoughts and nurture their emotional well-being. In a way, caring for plants is similar to caring for pets, mainly if your parents are allergic to furry four-legged friends. Watching plants grow and bloom daily is a wholesome experience that will bring your parents much joy and happiness when they live alone.


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