6 Fun Thanksgiving Activities Your Parents Will Enjoy

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Whether you want to host a large Thanksgiving celebration with all of your family and friends or you prefer to keep it intimate, we are sure that you will have the meals under control. However, Thanksgiving is about more than just a big, delicious meal. We must create beautiful memories by doing different activities with family, especially with our beloved senior relatives.

12 Oaks has put together a list of fun activities you can do with the whole family this approaching Thanksgiving holiday. These holiday celebrations promise to create memories that last a lifetime.


Thanksgiving Activities That You and Your Seniors Will Enjoy Doing Together

Arrange and Decorate the House

12Oaks-Autumn kitchen interior-as- 1.Arrange and Decorate the House

Thanksgiving is the perfect time of the year when people start to decorate their homes for this special occasion. Regarding Thanksgiving home decor, there are multiple ways to decorate your place. Whether you and your family are looking for something low-key or want to go gorgeous, make the most of the time together and the shared experience.

Additionally, this is an excellent chance for you and your loved ones to go décor shopping and make wonderful memories. Remember that it’s never a good idea to ignore or outright reject your parents’ décor ideas. Instead, listen to and appreciate them. You and your beloved family members can gently talk and exchange ideas to develop the best decorating concepts for your home.


Prepare and Cook Dinner

12Oaks-senior mother and daughter with thanksgiving turkey-as-2.Prepare and Cook Dinner

Understanding the importance of Thanksgiving and the rituals we follow is crucial. People traditionally prepare enormous meals on Thanksgiving Day to commemorate the Pilgrims’ arrival in America.

So, why not make this tradition a fun activity that you and your parents can enjoy? Especially when you’re preparing delicious meals for your loved ones, this activity can become therapeutic.

As long as you select recipes that match your level of expertise, cooking is a surefire way to improve your mood. Grandparents undoubtedly like sharing delectable dishes with their grandchildren or teaching them new cooking techniques.

Moreover, cooking also has an artistic component. Making dishes is an excellent method to keep a senior’s mind active. They are free to experiment with different techniques and dish presentations by cooking.

And don’t forget to compliment your beloved elderly family members on their food preparation, presentation, taste, and recipes. This can elicit pleasant feelings, making our seniors feel good, and assisting them in releasing some stress from their lives.


Create a Gratitude Tree

12Oaks-Branches with Golden leaves and a pumpkin on a tray-as- 3.Create a Gratitude Tree

Creating and decorating a gratitude tree is another Thanksgiving custom that your family may turn into a fun activity. This is a simple craft that the whole family can participate in, from children to adults. Also, it adds to the festive ambiance at any fall event.

Thankful trees, also known as gratitude trees, are a wonderful tradition that entails asking your visitors to write down their top gratitudes on an ornament and then hang it on the tree as part of an interactive holiday display.

Your family can create and decorate a gratitude tree this Thanksgiving by using this tutorial on “How to Make a Thankful Tree for Thanksgiving.”


Decorate a Pumpkin

12Oaks-Making DIY pumpkin succulent planter for Thanksgiving home decor-as-4. Decorate a Pumpkin

Why not offer your parents a blank canvas this year if they already have a flair for painting?

Buy a few local pumpkins, eggplants, or squash and allow everyone’s creativity to run wild. Your family can set out paper and art supplies to decorate each family member’s artistic masterpiece.

By doing this meaningful activity, grandparents can help their kids and grandchildren create beautiful artwork – and beautiful memories! In addition, Thanksgiving decorating is an excellent opportunity for elderly family members to enhance their bonds with their children. It also offers our seniors memories they will cherish forever.


Do Other Art Activities

12Oaks-Happy senior couple making a scrapbook-as-5. Do Other Art Activities

If you are looking for other fun activities to do with your seniors on Thanksgiving Day, here are different arts and crafts activities you can do:

  • Making paper flowers. A bouquet of paper flowers is the ideal festive decoration for almost any room in your house. Also, the fact that these flowers never wilt is their most stunning quality. You can express your creativity with these paper blooms by choosing from various materials such as coffee filters, crepe, cardstock, and scrapbook paper. To give your home an eternal splash of color this Thanksgiving, check out these 21 DIY paper flowers.
  • Decorating Thanksgiving cards. Giving cards is a beautiful way to express your love and appreciation for someone. This activity is meaningful because there are no limitations on what may be written, drawn, or painted on them. Moreover, family members will take time and emotional energy to select the ideal card for their loved ones, which makes it thought-provoking and significant.
  • Crafting books. Crafting offers terrific benefits to our seniors, including decreased anxiety, better concentration, promoted problem-solving, and improved hand flexibility. If your parents pursue their creative endeavors, making a handcrafted book is an easy way to keep them occupied while also assisting them in relieving any stress that is bothering their minds.


Try Music Activities

12Oaks-Asian senior couple sitting on the sofa and playing acoustic guitar together-as- 6.Try Music Activities

The universal language of music unites people of all ages. More specifically, musical activities serve as the catalyst for closer family bonds. Therefore, participating in musical activities as a family can help members unwind, become closer, and perhaps discover artistic commonalities.

Your family might enjoy singing or dancing, playing music games such as “Guess that song,” or doing both. Whichever activity your family decides to do, you should choose age-appropriate songs for your seniors. Your seniors will surely appreciate it and feel nostalgic when you select songs from their time. Songs with happy, holiday-themed tunes will make excellent options this holiday season.


Thanksgiving at 12 Oaks Communities

We provide a variety of enjoyable, simple, and festive activities that boost your seniors’ cerebral and cognitive abilities while also bringing them enduring joy and healthy laughter.

From activities as simple as decorating cards to those somewhat as complicated as making paper flowers or crafting books, your senior family members can genuinely feel comfortable and happy in a family-like atmosphere created by our dedicated team.

There are so many things in our communities for which we are thankful. Every day, we enjoy hearing our residents’ colorful stories and witnessing them make new friends or participate in novel activities. This Thanksgiving, we’ll be spending the day with them, engaging in various enjoyable activities while considering what the future may hold for our family.


If you have questions about Thanksgiving activities for seniors or any conditions discussed here, connect with us and learn more. 

At 12 Oaks, our team of caring professionals is dedicated to keeping residents safe, engaged, and connected to their families and friends while leading fulfilling lives. 12 Oaks senior living communities are an ideal place to enjoy the encore season of life.

For questions or to schedule a personalized tour, don’t hesitate to contact us. 


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