Hobby Clubs Your Parents May Want to Consider to Socialize

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Do your parents often feel isolated or lonely, but you cannot spend as much time with them as you’d like?

One great way to help your parents combat these feelings is by encouraging them to participate in hobby clubs. Whether your parents are interested in physical activities or creative endeavors, there is a hobby club out there catered to their unique interests.

Hobby clubs for seniors are the perfect place to connect with others who enjoy the same pursuits and a great way to stay connected with the world around them.

In today’s article, we will share our list of seven hobby clubs for seniors so they can stay away from boredom and learn new skills.


Ward Off Boredom With 7 Hobby Clubs for Seniors

The Benefits of Joining Hobby Clubs for Seniors

Hobbies can offer numerous benefits for people of all ages, promoting physical and mental well-being. For seniors, picking up a new hobby is a perfect opportunity to rekindle old passions, stimulate their brains, learn something new, and create memories. Here are some benefits of joining hobby clubs for your parents:

  • Stress Relief: A hobby club provides an excellent outlet for relieving stress. Engaging in a pleasurable hobby lets your parents take their minds off daily pressures and personal issues, such as health concerns or loneliness.
  • Stronger Immunity: Taking part in new hobbies, whether physically or mentally, can enhance immunity, lower risks of illness, and increase longevity.
  • Enhanced Cognitive Functions: Several traditional hobbies, like painting or pottery, can help sharpen seniors’ brains and improve cognitive functions while providing more chances to enjoy a good time with friends.
  • Improved Confidence: Your parents can come out of their shells and build confidence by learning new skills and accomplishing new challenges.
  • Increased Social Interaction: A rich social life filled with positive relationships helps your parents flourish in many ways. Joining a hobby club allows them to expand their networks and engage in meaningful conversations.


Hobby Clubs Your Parents May Want to Join

Need more suggestions to keep your parents away from boredom and enrich their lives? Here are a few hobby club ideas to get started.


Book Clubs

12Oaks-Great Grandmothers Library Club-as-1 Book Clubs

If your parents are passionate about literature, a book club is a place to indulge their interest. The monthly reading goals motivate them to read more books and discover genres they may have never considered. Through group discussions on themes and characters, your parents can enhance their critical and analytical thinking skills while expanding their social circles with like-minded individuals.

In addition to in-person clubs, your parents can join virtual book clubs if they don’t have much time to attend regular gatherings. Some popular book clubs are Goodreads, NY Public Library Book Club, Oprah’s Book Club, and Los Angeles Times Book Club. Search more online book clubs here: https://bookclubs.com/join-a-book-club.


Writing Clubs

12Oaks-Discussing new poem-as-2 Writing Clubs

Your parents can greatly benefit from writing, whether poems, prose, imaginative stories, old-fashioned letters, or journal entries. Research from Northern Illinois University has shown that such activities can yield incredible mental benefits, including boosted memory function, decreased symptomatology or group of symptoms, and a greater sense of happiness.

To maintain the ability to communicate effectively at older ages, motivate your parents to invest in writing and join a writing club whenever possible. Writing clubs are ideal for seniors to organize their thoughts and ideas, put them into perspective, and increase their thinking capacity when crafting letters. Your parents can exchange their stories and ideas and intellectually connect with others.


Photography Clubs

12Oaks-retirement hobby concept. Back view senior woman takes photo on digital camera-as-3 Photography Clubs

While photography is difficult to master, it doesn’t necessarily mean your parents can’t challenge themselves in this visual art form. At the end of the day, remind your parents that they can always try something new — regardless of age. And if they love documenting their journey through life visually, encourage them to pursue photography.

Photography is a wonderful stress reliever since they have more opportunities to get outside, move around, and soak themselves in the sun. When joining a photography club, your parents can share their artwork, receive feedback from other photography enthusiasts, and advance their photo-taking skills over time. Check for more photography/camera clubs in the U.S.: https://sinwp.com/camera_clubs/USA.htm.


Travel Clubs

12Oaks-A group of positive senior elderly people travelers -as-4 Travel Clubs

Many seniors have expressed a strong desire to travel more as they are now free from familial and life obligations. With newfound freedom after retirement, there should be no reason to think twice about hopping on a plane or the train. Traveling is so incredible that no matter where you go, you always come back feeling more energized and fulfilled with life.

One great way for your parents to make the most of their golden years is to join a travel club. By seeing some of the world, they can create unforgettable memories, immerse themselves in new cultures, and make new friends in foreign lands. Whether your parents want to discover local sightseeing spots, try new restaurants in town, sink their toes into the sand on a nearby beach, or cruise along the coast, the world is waiting!


Drawing & Painting Clubs

12Oaks-A group of senior elderly people Painting-as-5 Drawing _ Painting Clubs

Art has no boundaries, and the painting club is another fantastic outlet for your parents to tap into their creativity and discover hidden talents.

Painting offers numerous benefits, including improved cognition, reduced boredom, enhanced motor skills, and increased playfulness, among other benefits. Participating in such activities is also proven to help seniors release their suppressed emotions and reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, and improve their overall quality of life through every brushstroke.

With so much to offer, there is no better time to encourage your parents to join a drawing and painting club. Contact local community centers to find suitable clubs or art classes for your parents. Who knows, there may be a Picasso in the making.


Golf Clubs

12Oaks-Group of multiethnic friends playing golf at golf course-as-6 Golf Clubs

As a popular activity among seniors, golf is proven physically and mentally beneficial. Although golf involves motions that could lead to injury, seniors playing golf are at lower risks of developing age-related health conditions. This is because they have more chances to get their blood moving by walking across the course.

Besides being an excellent workout, golf helps your parents become more social and establish new friendships when participating in a golf club. Despite being physically demanding, the health benefits and social opportunities make golf worthwhile for seniors. Before getting started, remind your parents to begin at a slower pace, follow pre-warm-up routines thoroughly, and take rests as needed.


Garden Clubs

12Oaks-old woman picking tomatoes up at farm greenhouse-as-7 Garden Clubs

Digging in the dirt and caring for plants can be a fantastic way for seniors to spend their time. Aside from being a fun activity, gardening can have powerful impacts on seniors, especially those in the early stages of dementia. Gardening promotes creativity, reduces symptoms of depression, fosters relaxation, and contentment, and improves agility.

When your parents cultivate a garden and plant edible produce, they are more in tune with nature, which can be a fulfilling experience. Gardening under the sun provides a rich vitamin D source, preventing osteoporosis risk. By joining a gardening club, your parents can engage in valuable interactions and make friends through shared activities.


Engaging in Newfound Hobbies and Recreational Pursuits at 12 Oaks Communities

Our 12 Oaks Managed Communities are always looking for new hobby ideas our residents can enjoy. We currently offer a variety of physical activities.

We believe each resident in one of our communities has unique interests, and it is never too late to pursue something new. Our team is encouraged to support our residents’ passions and guide them through discovering new hobbies they may have never considered before.

The golden years don’t have to be a time of boredom. There is plenty of meaningful life left to live. Within our communities, your seniors can enjoy a thriving and vibrant lifestyle.


If you have questions about hobby clubs for seniors or any topics discussed here, connect with us and learn more. 

At 12 Oaks, our team of caring professionals is dedicated to keeping residents safe, engaged, and connected to their families and friends while leading fulfilling lives. 12 Oaks senior living communities are an ideal place to enjoy the encore season of life.

For questions or to schedule a personalized tour, don’t hesitate to contact us. 


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