7 Best Memory & Word Game Apps To Help Promote Brain Function In Seniors

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Looking after your brain at any age is vital. Maintaining good mental health carries the same, if not more, weight as staying in good physical shape since it protects against neurological and mental health disorders such as depression, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. These mental health issues are prevalent among seniors. Besides day-to-day health practices and diet, did you know that games also help improve brain function? Let’s reveal the seven best memory and word game apps for Seniors now!

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Best Word Game Apps That Seniors Can’t Get Enough Of


BLOG 12O Memorado body 1

If your parents find themselves tossing and turning every night or can’t seem to focus on anything, Memorado is their go-to app, as it has been widely downloaded and used in 39 countries across the globe. Memorado offers 100 sleep meditation audios that will put your parents to sleep faster, help them relax, and calm their minds. It will map out games with different levels for your parents, depending on what skills your parents want to improve.



BLOG_12O_2048 | 7 Best Memory & Word Game Apps To Help Promote Brain Function In Seniors

Functionally, this single-player game requires four-direction finger movements to match tiles until they add up to 2048. Your parents will definitely get hooked on this game since it’s almost like Candy Crush for math geeks! Even if they don’t love math that much, 2048 is still challenging and thrilling enough because it encourages the players to come up with creative solutions in every single swipe.



BLOG_12O_Peak | 7 Best Memory & Word Game Apps To Help Promote Brain Function In Seniors

Peak is a fun, free custom-made brain game for your older family members. From the start, game developers of Peak have worked closely with neuroscientists to construct and produce 40+ enjoyable games in one place that enhance your cognitive skills. Thanks to the final analysis of each customized game, your parents can easily detect their strengths and weaknesses and then establish goals for further improvement.

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BLOG 12O Lumosity body 1

Lumosity is an ideal brain-training game, including more than 50 games for seniors who want to sharpen their minds. These neuroscientifically-developed games have been proven to boost cognitive performance through repetition over time effectively. Using the app can ultimately improve your memory, attention, problem-solving, and processing speed. So don’t hesitate to give it a try now!



BLOG_12O_Elevate | 7 Best Memory & Word Game Apps To Help Promote Brain Function In Seniors

Elevate won Apple’s App of The Year Award in the US, impressive! It productively improves numerous cognitive functions of the brain, such as focus, memory, and speed. This may sound dry at first, but trust us when we say that it has a variety of fun games that will help your senior family members improve certain mental functions. With its built-in tracker, your parents can have more fun competing with each other and other friends.


Words With Friends

BLOG_12O_Words-With-Friends | 7 Best Memory & Word Game Apps To Help Promote Brain Function In Seniors

Words With Friends is a classic game that all generations adore. The word game remains one of the top-ranked games in the last 12 years despite being released in 2009. It requires multiple players to mix and match words against each other in a matter of seconds. Other than focusing on other brain functions like previous apps, this best word game app will definitely bring lots of fun to your older family members who love playing around with words.



BLOG_12O_Sudoku | 7 Best Memory & Word Game Apps To Help Promote Brain Function In Seniors

Much like Words With Friends, Sudoku is also an all-time favorite game. The Japanese-born game soars in fame because it stimulates the players’ brains to fill in a 9×9 grid with logical placement of numbers. Your parents don’t need a vast grasp of math to play this game, but they will definitely need some strategies to win this game. Besides, did you know that Sudoku can help delay dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and protect the brain from decline? That reason alone should be enough to introduce this game to your parents.


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