Five Reasons Seniors Will Thrive in an Assisted Living Community

Group-of-senior-looking-in-camera | Here’s Why Seniors Thrive in an Assisted Living Community!

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As you wash up the dishes from Sunday night dinner, your ears perk up. Your mother is telling you about how one of her friends moved into a local senior home community, and it sounds fun. You don’t want to get your hopes up, but you know your mother would thrive in an assisted living community.

It feels like a lifetime ago when your mother was busy as a bee, constantly moving from one activity to another, with seemingly boundless energy. Since your father passed away, a light in her eyes has dimmed. She moves a little slower in her older years, and she can sometimes struggle with lifting objects. She doesn’t entertain as much as she used to, and you’ve offered several times to get a cleaning service in the house, which she stoically declines.

You’ve approached this conversation before but begin to hope that maybe now is the right time. The idea of finding a place for mom and bringing back purpose to her days gives you the courage to approach the topic again. While discussing the future, remember this move doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. It can be the beginning of an incredible journey made easier in a 12 Oaks managed community. Find out the top five reasons why seniors thrive in assisted living communities.

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Assisted Living Community – Fun, Independence, and Health

Are You Considering An Assisted Living Community?

In our older years, it’s tough to make new connections. According to one 2020 research study, 27% of Americans aged 60 and older live alone, and only half of them live with a remaining spouse. This loneliness has a massive impact on mental health, and scientists believe that prolonged loneliness can link to several mental health complications.

While maintaining a home might give your elderly relatives purpose, it also produces stress and hardship. Physical chores, including cooking, lawn mowing, and mopping floors, can become too much of a risk for seniors living alone. The financial burden of paying bills or keeping a fridge full of groceries can create anxiety.

After taking care of everyone else for so many years, the chance to explore an assisted living community is a welcome reprieve. Find out how a 12 Oaks managed property highlights your elderly relatives’ golden years.


Five Reasons Seniors Thrive In An Assisted Living Community

people-at-retirement-home | Here’s Why Seniors Thrive in an Assisted Living Community!

Helping an elderly family member move into an assisted living community can be a rewarding journey toward a better life. Here are five of the top reasons to consider making a move.


1. Fun & Companionship

In assisted living, seniors become surrounded by friends and dynamic social activities. A vibrant community outside their door will encourage your aging family members to take up new hobbies, pursue passions and create meaningful new friendships.

Being surrounded by peers, laughing, and waking up with purpose will curate a carefree lifestyle. Your relatives will gain connections to a large local community, where everyone they meet can relate with them on a deeper level.


2. Around-the-Clock Care

You have constant guilt about not being available for your mother throughout the week. You wish there were more hours in the day and the peace of mind full-time care would bring is priceless.

Physical or emotional changes are quickly brought to your attention with a trained team focusing on around the clock care for your mom. The extended family at your local 12 Oaks managed community guarantees a friendly face for daytime chats and a reassuring smile when your mother is slightly more absent-minded.


3. Safety

When your mother is home alone, the risk of a slip-and-fall accident is constant. One tiny misstep in the shower or putting on her shoes could result in expensive surgery. The more significant fear is that she wouldn’t be able to call for help and waste precious minutes trying to get to the phone.

Life in an assisted living community is much safer and reduces stress for both you and your mother. Amenities are tailored to allow extra space to accommodate walking aids, and someone is always available for quick assistance.


4. Nutrition Made Easy

Since your mother is living alone, you’ve noticed her diet has changed. She forgets about mealtime or cannot be bothered to cook a large meal. All 12 Oaks managed communities have an on-site chef that prepares delicious healthy and nutritious meals tailored to meet dietary needs. Great food and no dish duty! Bon Appétit!


5. Peace of Mind

You’ll rest easy, knowing that your relatives receive the care they deserve in a setting that feels like home..

Seniors themselves rest easier, knowing they now have a new extended family cheering for them and helping make the most of every day.


12 Oaks Senior Living Resources

We ensure a safe environment where seniors thrive in community! Your family members will be kept in the best company with attentive team members and friends in the same life stage, so they always have access to social interaction with fun and engaging activities.

We post a monthly social calendar with our assisted living residents, and we encourage family members to join us as often as they can. A bright future is within reach at a 12 Oaks community. Come and see!



Searching for senior living help? At 12 Oaks Senior Living, we would love to learn more about your unique needs and the opportunity we may have to help you meet them. Our blog is one of the valuable resources we provide to inform and encourage seniors to lead fulfilling and thriving lives. Contact us today to schedule a virtual tour.

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