Symphony of Life®
Memory Care Guide

Here's an exceptional program that goes beyond traditional memory care.

With SYMPHONY OF LIFE® your family member will benefit from an intentionally orchestrated lifestyle experience designed to nurture the whole person so they can be more active and engaged with opportunities to thrive in every aspect of life

A Harmonizing Lifestyle Experience

This is the essence of our exclusive SYMPHONY OF LIFE® memory care program. Like an elaborate musical score designed to bring harmony to every movement and activity of community life, we're dedicated to enriching each resident in body, mind and spirit and throughout the entire community of family, friends and support services.

That's what makes our memory care program ideal for those experiencing cognitive impairment as it encourages and stimulates mental acuity, in addition to physical well-being. In fact, each day's "score" is carefully arranged and rehearsed by our caring and highly-trained staff to engage our residents as they participate and function to their fullest potential.

Working in Concert for the Whole Person

The primary focus of traditional memory care is to ensure the physical needs of residents are being met in a comfortable and safe environment. As such these programs can be viewed as a modified version of assisted living with extra support and structure. But you want more than that for your family member, right? We do too! Because we know that in spite of Alzheimer's or other types of dementia, SYMPHONY OF LIFE® creates intentional experiences that can help individuals with memory impairment to be in-the-moment more actively. We work in concert to harmonize daily life for the whole person as:

EXPRESSED IN MIND to Promote Brain Health by Engaging the Senses

EXPRESSED IN BODY to Serve Physical Health and Wellbeing

We work closely with family members to develop a relationship of trust while helping them to stay connected to their own "life story" and to build on their unique abilities and strengths.

• Sight - Outdoor Walks, Van/Car Rides, Puzzles

• Touch - Puzzles, Planting (indoor/Outdoor), Creative Arts, Feet in Pool, Pet Therapy

• Taste - Variety on Menu, Food Texture/Temperature

• Smell - Baking Cookies, Popping Corn, Aroma Therapy

• Hearing - Speakers, Music, Movies, Readings

SYMPHONY OF LIFE®  is like a wonderful daily concert that can transcend the community, as it flows from a classical prelude to a stanza of smooth jazz. And while each day offers something new, we bend toward the comforts that naturally grow out of the routine.

• Balanced Diet and Nutrition

• Engaging Life and Participation - Vibrant Calendar of Daily Activities and Opportunities for Physical Exercise

• Community Security

• Medication Management and Activities of Daily Living

• Wellness - Social, Intellectual and Physical


EXPRESSED IN COMMUNITY by Sharing Life Together

SYMPHONY OF LIFE®  pays tribute to the human spirit by providing many opportunities throughout each week for family member one to celebrate milestones and to reflect on the journey of life.

• Faith-Based Expression

• Meaningful Connections • Large Group, Small Group

• Individual - Life Stations

• Cultural - Holidays, Events

• Nature - Kiss the Sun, Outdoor Walks

• Personal - Life Story, One Day App, Memory Boxes, Birthday Celebrations

Never alone. We were born into families and embrace the benefits of living in community with others. We help residents to foster new relationships and to stay connected with their cherished loved ones.

• Family and Friends - Invite to Socials and Events Community Newsletter Caregiving Support Group

• Employees

• Memory Support for Families

• Respite Care • Hospice

• Referral Services

"An exceptional level of care, meaningful attention and a sense of life. It's been reassuring to see the staff give such great attention to even the smallest details."

- Jim and Marcy Feldman, Family

The Difference Intentional Design Makes in Memory Care

What sets us apart is how intentional SYMPHONY OF LIFE® is as a memory care program. We haven't modified something that was intended for another type of care, we've created a program specifically for the unique challenges that come with Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia.

We know the disease those we love of traditional ways to communicate that's why the backbone of SYMPHONY OF LIFE® is to intentionally create avenues in which they can still relate and be present in the moment. And doing so requires opportunities that go beyond the physical to also incorporate the mind, the spirit and the connection found through community. Because it's ALL these things that really drive who we are as people!

It's the intentionality of this whole-person approach that really makes the difference by:

• Empowering Independence - Many of our communities use way-finding colors to visually help residents navigate their neighborhood and enhance safety. In addition, special themed decorations and artwork leads to conversation spots.

• Improving Nutrition - Weight loss is common among seniors who have dementia so we use red plates, a color proven to stimulate appetite, as well as weighted cups and easy-to-grip silverware to encourage independence by making it easier to enjoy meals.

• Enhancing Communication - We overcome hearing challenges with Eversound headphones for residents which are specifically made for seniors with dementia. Our staff is also trained in using them to help calm and redirect residents experiencing agitation.

• Bringing Comfort - A favorite of our residents, our robotic pets are very realistic to cats and dogs - they purr, bark and respond to touch - which brings smiles and comfort all around. What's more we've found even residents in later stages of the disease instinctively connect by stroking the animals.

Setting the Stage for What Matters Most with Memory Care Training

In traditional memory care, staff is specially trained to have a deeper understanding of dementia as well as techniques for managing challenging behaviors and effective communication strategies. SYMPHONY OF LIFE® goes beyond traditional methods by equipping care teams with the knowledge to better understand the unique physical and cognitive challenges faced by residents. Staff members participate in specialized dementia simulation training, a hands-on, experiential approach backed by the most up-to-date research. The benefit of this training is highly effective in that it not only creates more compassion and empathy, it also works to empower staff and create success because they've 'experienced' what matters most in supporting our residents.

Families Play an Important Part in Memory Care

You deserve to have peace of mind that your family member is comfortable and well cared for in any memory care community. With SYMPHONY OF LIFE®, you're not simply in the audience! We want to empower you because you're a key in helping your cherished family member thrive here as well.

We'll work collaboratively with you to develop an individualized resident plan that builds on the personal interests and abilities of each individual, regularly assessing their needs. We also want you to be here to visit and connect with your loved one while supporting your family as well by encouraging open communication and by providing resources such as caregiver support groups.

"The warmth of the approach and the steady dependability of the staff gave us the confidence we were hoping to find. We finally felt at ease." - Tom and Mary Kinkaid, Family

SYMPHONY OF LIFE®  is a registered trademark of 12 Oaks Senior Living.

SYMPHONY OF LIFE® Memory Care Communities

Legacy Ranch 4800

Briarwood Ave Midland, TX 79707 432-242-6060

Reunion Court of Kingwood

929 Rockmead Drive Kingwood, TX 77339 281-359-8800

The Springs

6102 Grand Court Rd San Angelo, TX 76901 325-716-1240

Storey Oaks of Oklahoma City
8300 N. May Avenue Oklahoma City, OK 73120 405-286-9500

Reunion Court of Clear Lake

14101 Bay Pointe Court Houston, TX 77062 281-218-6765

Reunion Court of The Woodlands

1730 Woodstead Court The Woodlands, TX 77380 281-681-9900

Wyndham Court of Plano

3000 Midway Road Plano, TX 75093 972-473-7400

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Experience the Difference in Symphony of Life® Memory Care

Much like the beauty of an orchestral performance can't fully be described, it must be experienced in person to be appreciated fully, the same can be said of SYMPHONY OF LIFE® in our communities. Come see the difference this exclusive memory care program can make for your loved one. Schedule your visit today!