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Sustainable Living for Seniors: Eco-Friendly Tips and Tricks


Many people assume sustainable living or green living is only for the young. However, it is never too late for seniors to pursue this new way of living, becoming more responsible for the environment and their surroundings — all for healthier aging, a happier life, and a brighter future for future generations. Keep scrolling for our senior’s guide to live greener and discover 10 tips and tricks to achieve sustainable living for seniors.


Seniors Going Green: 10 Tips and Tricks to Help Your Parents and Senior Relatives Live More Sustainably Day By Day

Sustainable Living for Seniors: Understanding The Benefits

Before digging into the benefits of sustainable living for seniors, let’s define the concept of this emerging lifestyle.

You have probably heard about “sustainable living” over the last few years. So what is it, and what does it have to do with our lives? Sustainable living, also known as green or eco-friendly living, is a positive lifestyle movement encouraging individuals and communities to lessen their environmental impact. It can be understood as seeking viable solutions, making conscious choices, and taking mindful actions to protect and conserve the Earth in the long run.

Some major benefits of sustainable living are as follows:


Sustainable Living for Seniors: Tips and Tricks to Consider

Remember, small actions can make a big impact! It is important to take one step at a time. Discover our list of 10 impactful tips and tricks for living sustainably.


It’s All About The Mindset!

Let’s admit it: the journey to sustainable living isn’t overnight. So don’t hope too high or expect your parents to adopt a new mindset immediately. It takes time and steady steps to get there. Most of the time, people struggle to make such a big shift as it is more convenient to carry on their current lifestyle. Remind your parents of better things to do when you have a chance. Small but effective steps to go green include thinking twice before buying something (“Is it worth it?” or “Do I need it?”), investing in sustainable products, and leaving no leftovers on the plate.


Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

“Reduce, reuse, and recycle” is the core philosophy of sustainable living. Don’t let the name fool your parents into thinking, “It is complicated. I’d rather not do it.” Sometimes, it can be as simple as reminding them to carry a water container instead of splurging on single-use water bottles every time they are on the go.


Consider Downsizing

Downsizing is a smart way to live sustainably. Besides the fact that two-story or large homes might not be suitable for your parents’ aging in place, smaller places can provide surprising advantages in terms of sustainability.

Seniors living in smaller houses are at greater ease, knowing that they can save money on energy costs and maintenance fees. Plus, house tasks become more manageable!


Be Mindful of Water Usage

There’s no life without water. Taking extra measures to conserve water is another must-do of sustainable living for seniors, especially if your parents live in states susceptible to drought, like California, Arizona, Utah, or Nevada. Common ways to prevent wasting water include:


Reduce Plastic Use

While plastic has drastically changed our lives, the fun is brief. Careless use or overconsumption of plastic has increasingly threatened the environment and natural habitats. Reducing plastic consumption starts with reusable items like stainless steel straws and glass water bottles. Reuse plastic bags as much as possible. Invest in containers made of sustainable materials for cleaning products and buy refills for subsequent uses.


Limit Food Waste

The modern world has witnessed people indulging in the leisure of food. While nothing’s seemingly wrong with it, food going to waste is a more far-reaching problem than we realize, as it hurts the environment, economy, and society.

Creating meal plans keeps your parents’ serving portions in check and gives them a better picture of their grocery lists, meaning they only buy foods they will consume. Educate your parents on how to store and save leftovers correctly. Make friends with a freezer, as it helps preserve foods for months. Consuming less meat and dairy products contributes to lesser greenhouse emissions. If convenient, help your parents switch to plant-based eating a few days per week. This is especially beneficial for seniors’ overall health in the long run.

Another fun way to reduce food waste your parents will enjoy is growing a small indoor garden with kitchen scraps. Think twice before throwing away seeds or veggies with regenerative ability, like celery or carrots.


Make Upgrades

Making energy-efficient upgrades can provide sustainable benefits in the long run. In today’s market, it is not difficult to buy a good variety of products that aim to save energy, such as washing machines, refrigerators, dryers, and dishwashers. Of course, making such upgrades can be costly now, but these appliances will help your parents save money later.

Renewable energy has the potential to change our lives for the better by being a cheaper alternative to fossil fuels. Help your parents offset their electricity bills and transform their living with solar panels. If your parents’ budget is short, consider opting for community solar.


Go for Second-Hand Items

Since one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, encourage your parents to purchase second-hand items. It saves money but also reduces a lot of impact on the environment by lowering carbon emissions at the same time. The Salvation Army is a legitimate, excellent place for buying used furniture and household items in decent conditions at reasonable prices. Sometimes, conducting a hunt at yard sales can be a fulfilling experience for your parents on the weekend, alongside finding almost anything helpful for just a few bucks.


Skip Driving

Driving is one of the leading causes of higher carbon emissions, poor air quality, and global warming. Moreover, seniors might not be suited for driving anymore with changes in health due to increasing age. Driving less may be a better way to keep your parents safe while making the world better. Tell your parents it is OK to skip driving and switch to public transportation. Sometimes, walking or cycling is a healthier option than driving.


Spread Awareness

A greener world might not be achievable if you do it alone. That’s why it is essential to inspire others to go green. But first, let’s not think of running a parade to boast about your personal lifestyle choices or blatantly pressuring them into a sustainable lifestyle. Remember, it is all about the mindset! The best example to raise awareness is taking practical actions. Help your parents host a swap party where family members and friends take turns swapping unwanted items (books, clothes, appliances) and picking new items from others. This is a more enjoyable way to introduce your loved one to green living and help them become more conscious of the environment.


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