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5 Engaging Social Media Platforms Seniors Will Enjoy

Smiling-group -of-friends-passionate-about-social-media | 5 Engaging Social Media Platforms Seniors Will Enjoy

The hallways of your mothers’ house are lined with photographs. You can walk down the hall and appreciate all the accomplishments and happy moments you’ve shared. Today, you are more likely to use social media platforms to capture magic moments. From Instagram to TikTok, you still capture memories, but they exist within your phone. You like to post about your family and have even found some interesting information online. Are your parents using social media too?

We typically imagine only young people using social media. Still, a recent study has shown that seniors with an online presence have a decreased sense of loneliness and an increased sense of support by their online community.

Find out which social media sites are the most popular and beneficial to your elderly relatives.


Is Social Media Healthy For Our Seniors?

Social media platforms are curated to individual interests. Younger generations have taken control of the internet, creating careers from being influencers and recording every minute of their lives. Older generations use social media differently and prefer to stay in touch with friends and family.

Social media platforms can encourage friendships and support for your relatives. They can also find other senior citizens with similar hobbies and interests. If your seniors live alone, social media platforms can make them feel more connected and less isolated.


Social Media Platforms For Seniors

At 12Oaks, we love to find new ways for everyone to stay connected and motivated. The following social media platforms may be helpful for your aging relatives.



One of the original social media platforms, Facebook is an excellent choice for your relatives. The application’s original purpose was to connect people and encourage your senior relatives to rekindle relationships and stay connected to their family’s achievements.



One of the perks of Instagram is its algorithm to curate suggested accounts based on your likes and interests. We don’t recommend this app for connection or support, but it is visually stimulating. If your relatives enjoy nature, books, or traveling, then they will appreciate scrolling through.



Pinterest is created by users “pinning” their interests to personal boards. This social media platform is great and benefits everyday life. Your senior relatives can find life hacks, new recipes and also bookmark conversation topics for later.



This last social media platform is appropriate for seniors who are still interested in their previous career fields. The LinkedIn platform has gone through a massive renovation in the past few years and offers more space for discussion. Plus, we know your senior relatives love to hear about your work accomplishments! They can now witness accolades from their peers and stay up to date with your profile.



This social media platform is great for seniors to learn new skills. The video platform can teach you how to fix anything or walk you through a new hobby. YouTube can encourage independence as it can also help explain generational differences without putting anyone on the spot.


Find Support For Seniors

There are certain dangers to using social media. It’s important to discuss with your parents which information they reveal online. Teaching your elderly relatives to stay connected online will not replace in-person connection. You can use their online presence as something to bond over and strengthen your connection.

At the family of 12 Oaks managed Senior Living Communities, we thrive on in-person connection and keep an active online presence. We know how important it is to be available on all platforms and that everyone has different connection styles. Our residents have enjoyed learning new virtual tools over the past year, and we are eager to bring more technology into their daily routine.


If you have questions about social media platforms or any conditions discussed here, connect with us and learn more.

At 12 Oaks, our team of caring professionals is dedicated to keeping residents safe, engaged, and connected to their families and friends while still leading fulfilling lives. 12 Oaks community is an ideal place to enjoy the encore season of life.

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