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The Cons of Confinement: Why Seniors Need A Social Life

Do you reminisce about your parents having an active social life? Find out why creating an exciting active lifestyle for your aging relatives keeps their mind, body, and heart happy in the process!

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    When you think back to your childhood, do you remember how busy your parents were? They were whisking you to activities while managing careers and then finding time to host dinner parties on the weekends. You remember their whirlwind of energy and thinking about what your life would look like as you got older.

    Now that you’re managing your career and family, you can’t believe how much they used to accomplish in one day. From driving kids to swimming lessons to making a new client pitch, you’ve barely seen your friends in weeks and it feels even longer since you’ve seen your parents. On the phone, they’re always curious about what’s happening in your life but go quiet when you ask about their own routine.

    As they have gotten older, have you noticed a decline in their social activities? With changes in friendships and mobility, seniors can struggle to maintain a social life. Find out why creating an exciting active lifestyle for your aging relatives keeps their mind, body, and heart happy in the process!


    Why It’s Important To Maintain A Social Life As We Age

    Studies have shown loneliness can contribute to heightened health risks, including depression and increased risk of dementia or heart failure. Staying fit and healthy doesn’t just mean physically. We also want our aging relatives engaged mentally through an active social life.

    We know seeing your elder family member excited and spending time doing things they love can bring you comfort and joy. It also increases their confidence, motivating them to continue in their social activities. If you have noticed your parent’s social life decreasing as they age, consider the following: Is a new physical ailment affecting their previous hobbies? Who did they spend time with? Have they recently lost a spouse or a close friend with a shared interest? These questions will open the conversation and help you empathize with their situation and offer helpful solutions.


    The Importance Of Social Life

    two seniors having fun and playing chess game at park | The Cons of Confinement: Why Seniors Need A Social Life

    Bringing back your family member’s drive to pursue a social life requires a delicate balance. If you stay silent, you risk feeling guilty as they continue to decline and remain isolated.  If you push too hard, they may get defensive or feel like you are meddling.  The best approach is to encourage and give them an opportunity to experience some social interaction and community. When their calendar is filled with exciting activities, it’s a positive ripple effect for everyone in your family.

    New experiences help to keep our brains active, producing dopamine. 12 Oaks Senior Living provides an environment where your aging relatives can meet new people and have daily positive experiences. Every day provides a dopamine surge, which increases mindfulness and cognitive abilities.

    Being isolated can cause elder relatives to follow the same mundane routine every day. When their life feels stagnant, dopamine can decrease by 10% every year. Find out how you can help your aging parent have the best experience through engaging in our community’s social calendar.


    The Struggle Of Isolation

    There are several reasons why our elderly family members feel socially isolated. They miss their career network and connections formed within their local community.  With aging comes aches and pains, making them think twice before leaving the house.  With these challenges, it can feel like a constant struggle to make a new friend.

    Our month-long social calendar can be used to highlight the pros of moving into a senior community. We have curated a diverse range of social activities for your family members. We guarantee to fill their days with laughter, new friendships, and exciting experiences.


    What Does The Social Calendar Reflect In The 12 Oaks Senior Community?

    Each 12 Oaks Senior Living Community offers a month-long social calendar with different daily events. We have something for everyone and activities range from group exercise classes to weekly movie nights. Our social calendar guarantees stimulation and motivation, making every day fulfilling.

    At a glance, here are some activities in a 12 Oaks Senior Community social calendar:

    • Morning Yoga
    • Plant Watering
    • Dominoes & Board Games
    • Bingo afternoons
    • Virtual bird watching
    • Weekly craft projects
    • Planned excursions to local events
    • Garden socials and chances to meet the neighbors
    • Faith-based programs for a multicultural community
    • Engaged employees available twenty-four hours a day for chats and connections


    We invite you to join us for family nights and open houses. Try our chef-prepared meals and feel the welcoming environment and friendly community team. Give your elder family member a second chance to wake up with activities to look forward to and new experiences. There is a rich existing camaraderie between our senior residents, and new members feel instantly welcomed. There is something for everyone in our 12 Oaks Senior Community.


    Searching for senior living help? At 12 Oaks Senior Living Community, we’re up to date on the latest news, trends, and research. Our blog is one of the valuable resources we provide for our readers to review – at their convenience.

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