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In Their Own Words: Our Residents and Families Say it Best

Our passion is helping seniors thrive in their community. But don’t take our word for it. See what residents have to say about life here.

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    From worry-free independent living to just the right amount of support in assisted living to our Symphony of Life® memory care program, every 12 Oaks Senior Living community celebrates life! Here, you or your loved one will find the comfort of home and the fulfilment of community. But don’t just take our word for it; see what our residents and families have to say.

    Nothing Speaks Louder Than Experience

    Let’s hear from those who know us best as they share their experience about life in a 12 Oaks Senior Living community.

    “I love living here. I came three months ago and have made more friends than I dreamed possible. I have not met anybody that is not cheerful and kind. There are many fun activities to do, a beautiful movie/chapel theater, library, tea room, exercise room and lunchroom that serves fine dining with white tablecloths and waitresses.”

    -Peggy Gifford, Resident

    “My mother in law resided in memory care for a year and a half. We couldn’t have asked for better people to care for our loved ones. Trina loved her and treated her like she was her own mother. Much love and thanks to all of you for everything you did for her and us.”

    -Anna Tankersley, Family of Resident

    “Great team of managers! Caring and compassionate caregivers! Home-like, family-focused community specializing in excellent care!”

    -Monica Wells-Robertson

    “My mother has lived in the independent living community for 2 years. They are very attentive to their residents’ needs. Recently, mom had a hospitalization and needed to transition back to a respite care setting in assisted living. They went above and beyond to make that happen with my mother’s comfort and care to be the primary focus!”

    -Cheryl Oller, Family of Resident

    “My parents moved in and it has been a blessing for our entire family. I know longer have to worry about my parents being alone and not able to get to them in time if something happens. My parents enjoy the great food, the many activities and the super-friendly staff. Thank you.”

    -Yolande Harrison, Family of Resident

    “I’ve only been here three weeks and I am extremely satisfied and happy with the community. Certainly not lonely anymore. Food, fellowship, activities and format is so gratifying and well managed. I highly recommend for whatever your senior age requirements might be!”

    -Guy Worsham, Resident

    “My 90-year-old mother has been here for nearly four years and we love the staff! My husband and I are local so I usually see her 3-4 days a week and she is so happy to be a resident here! This is a small community so my mom is known and loved by all! She is so involved in the daily activities and I am so happy to have the support from this friendly staff!”

    -Suzy Kuhlman, Family of Resident

    For more information on senior living, check out our Stay or Go Guide or schedule a virtual tour!

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