Rebecca Martinez, Marketing Director, brings her 25 years of experience working in the medical field to her role with medical marketing. Due to her vast knowledge and exposure to the disciplines of Family Medicine, OBGYN, Orthopedics, Aquatic Physical Therapy, and Sleep Medicine she is perfectly poised to address the various health morbidities which often accompany residents in assisted living communities.

Before joining the team at Reunion Court of Clear Lake, Rebecca served as the Marketing Director at Baybrook Sleep Specialist, a sleep lab in the Clear Lake area, where she also served successfully as a marketing team trainer. Her passion in delivering quality care and providing attention to those most vulnerable stems from her strong family ties, personal experiences as a family care giver, her strong personal faith, as well as her professional experiences in healthcare.

She has a talent for cultivating relationships between healthcare providers and the healthcare system itself, and has distinguished herself not only as an effective team manager, but a leader as well.

Born and raised in the Houston, TX area, Rebecca is a married to Edward. They have 4 children to whom she dedicates her free time to as a wife and mother. Her hobbies include physical fitness, outdoors activities, cooking, and running.