Our Executive Director, Peter Blanchard, describes his role in our community as being the Chief Empowerment Coach.  That’s a great description!  When working with our staff, Peter devotes much of his energy into honing the skills of our many team members to help our residents feel safe, loved and valued.  In Peter’s words, his aim for our service to every resident is to “create an environment in which their ‘younger selves’ can thrive.”

Credentialed in Oklahoma and Texas as a senior living administrator, Peter’s education background includes an Associate’s degree in History, a Bachelor’s in Marketing / Management, and a Master’s in Healthcare Administration.  He is board certified in healthcare management through the American College of Healthcare Executives and also holds a certificate in Telehealth/Disease Management from Harvard.

Peter sets the tone for our team at Holiday Lane Estates and we’re so grateful for his leadership.  In his spare time, he enjoys being outdoors, camping, hiking, reading, spending time with his family, and tackling the occasional remodeling project.  Peter has been married for 31 years.  His wife is a high school teacher and they have three wonderful adult sons, and three rescue dogs.