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Signs It Could Be Time for Extra Help with Senior Care

When it’s time for extra help for you or your loved one, there are more options than you may realize. To find out which one is the best fit for your needs and wants, check out these senior care pros and cons.

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    The fact that losing independence is one of the most common aging fears likely comes as no surprise. It’s at the core of who we are as Americans. Perhaps that’s why it’s often so hard for us to ask for help, even when we really need it (or secretly want it). But what you may not realize is that one does not actually exclude the other, particularly when it comes to senior living. In fact, today’s senior living communities are designed to provide just enough support to enhance your independence! Check out these signs it might be right for you or your loved one.

    The Truth About Senior Living

    First let’s talk about what senior living really is because most people assume it’s a nursing home where you go when you need round-the-clock care. That’s not true at all! Senior living communities offer differing levels of help depending on your care needs, but they are all focused on supporting independence, an active lifestyle and overall wellbeing. You can think of it like a continuum with options that include independent living, assisted living and memory care.

    Signs It Could Be Time for Independent Living

    Independent living is truly a lifestyle choice as it’s designed for seniors who require little to no daily assistance but what to spend more time being active and social with less time on chores and home upkeep.

    In our independent living communities you’ll find:

    • Spacious apartment homes and villas with fully-equipped kitchens
    • A wide variety of daily life-enrichment activities and events
    • Senior-friendly fitness opportunities
    • Southern hospitality-inspired dining
    • Housekeeping, maintenance, and laundry services
    • Scheduled and enhanced transportation to outings and appointments
    • 24-hour personal-care staff
    • Beautifully landscaped grounds with courtyards and patios
    • Full-service barber shop/beauty salon

    Independent living could be right for you if:

    • You’re tired of cleaning, cooking, household repairs and yard work
    • You get around easily by yourself
    • You’re able to manage your own medications and personal care
    • You don’t have as many active friendships as you’d like
    • You’d like to spend more time pursuing hobbies or trying something new
    • You are seeking more purpose in life
    • It’s becoming harder to fill your calendar with fun, engaging activities

    Signs It Could Be Time for Assisted Living

    Assisted living provides not only accommodations and lifestyle opportunities, but also just the right amount of individualized help with daily activities to support each resident’s independence.

    In our assisted living communities you’ll find:

    • Experienced, empathetic caregivers who are on-site around the clock
    • Individual care plans that empower residents to live their best life
    • Support with as many—or as few— daily activities as necessary, such as bathing, grooming, medication management and continence care
    • Elegant dining rooms and a choice of homestyle meals each day
    • Beautifully landscaped grounds and spacious common areas in which to socialize
    • Housekeeping, full laundry and transportation
    • Concierge assistance and full-service beauty salon
    • A vibrant daily calendar of events and activities

    Assisted living could be right for you or your loved one if:

    • Falling is a concern at home
    • There has been a health scare or chronic conditions are worsening
    • There are nutritional concerns including sudden weight loss or gain
    • It’s becoming more difficult to get around
    • More social opportunities are wanted/needed
    • It’s becoming hard to keep up with house cleaning, laundry, shopping and other chores
    • Assistance is needed with personal care or medications
    • Driving has become more challenging

    Signs It Could Be Time for Memory Care

    Memory care is designed to support those with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia by offering 24-hour, specialized care that includes an individualized resident plan to help your loved one stay active and engaged with everyday life.

    In our memory care communities you’ll find:

    • Personal care assistance, including management of medications
    • A secure environment and commitment to protect each resident’s dignity
    • A supportive, restaurant-style dining environment designed for the unique needs of dementia residents
    • Transportation for supervised resident outings and appointments
    • Housekeeping, laundry, and maintenance services
    • A wide range of stimulating daily activities and events

    Memory care could be right for your loved one with dementia if:

    • Safety issues such as leaving the stove on or door unlocked are occurring
    • Your loved one is exhibiting behavior dangerous to themselves or others
    • Medication errors are becoming more frequent
    • Personal care challenges such as forgetting to bathe are more frequent
    • Your loved one seems depressed or isolated
    • Your loved one would benefit from more social stimulation
    • Your loved one would benefit from activities to strengthen cognitive functioning

    For more information on senior living, check out our Stay or Go Guide or schedule a virtual tour →

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