UPDATED: November 30th, 2020

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission has authorized us to resume visits from families and responsible parties. This is obviously a major breakthrough, and we are overjoyed that you will finally be able to personally interact with loved ones after months of necessary separation in order to keep residents and staff safe.  Please observe these protocols:

  • Residents or visitors are responsible for scheduling visits, and the community will determine availability based on the number of other visits. Visits must be scheduled in advance in order to allow for cleaning time in-between visits.
  • Visitors must pass the community screening protocols ahead of the visit.
  • Visitors must observe all protocols and guidelines to mitigate exposure to COVID-19, including washing hands and wearing a face mask.
  • Visitors must wear a new disposal face mask (no cloth masks).

Please check with community Executive Director for possible state required protocols, trainings and testing associated with each type of allowable visit.

Tonya Brady, Executive Director at Holiday Lane Estates | 817-345-4661

COVID-19 Resources

Jackie Younger, Executive Director at Reunion Court of Kingwood | 281-706-8207

COVID-19 Resources

Darren Skrehot, Executive Director at Reunion Court of The Woodlands | 281-706-8208

COVID-19 Resources

Rebecca Clark, Executive Director at West Fork Village | 972-295-8894

COVID-19 Resources

Keith Rohlack, Executive Director at Wyndham Court of Plano | 972-295-8903

COVID-19 Resources

Adam Bechtold, Executive Director The Broadmoor | 918-622-2151

Adam Bechtold, Executive Director Heatheridge | 918-622-9191

Rebecca Martinez, Executive Director Reunion Court of Clear Lake | 281-218-6765

Jennifer Galyean, Executive Director Legacy Ranch | 432-694-5600

Pauline Teutsch, Executive Director The Springs | 325-213-7473

Scott Slemp, Executive Director Storey Oaks of Oklahoma City | 405-286-9500


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