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Bridging Generations: Engaging Activities for Seniors and Grandchildren


When seniors retire, they will likely have more time to do whatever they want. Being around grandkids is one of them.

More than anything, spending quality time with grandchildren and young relatives can bring a lot of benefits for both parties.

Grandkids have someone to look up to and share childhood memories with. At the same time, hanging out with grandkids gives seniors a chance to build a stronger bond with their little ones, make themselves a part of their lives, and learn more about their interests, hopes, and dreams.

Explore our list of 10 fun activities seniors and grandchildren can do together to create unforgettable memories.


Discover 10 Fun Things Seniors and Grandkids Can Do Together

Engaging Activities For Seniors To Do With Grandkids

It’s Puzzle Time!

Putting together a puzzle makes a super versatile activity that seniors can do with their grandkids anytime! It is inexpensive and comes in different sizes and shapes. It almost seems like you can always find something that fits your parents and children’s interests, whether they want to go for easy levels or are up for a real challenge. Puzzles are a mental exercise, with findings suggesting that they can keep seniors’ brains healthy and active. In children, it is a fun tool to support their thinking and motor skills.


Do Arts & Crafts

Making arts and crafts together can be a fantastic way to entertain seniors and grandkids. Seniors and grandchildren can pursue many creative endeavors, from coloring mandalas, painting rocks and terracotta pots, and making greeting cards to assembling bead bracelets, making animal figures out of clay, and pressing flowers. Once finished, they make perfect keepsakes and decorations around the house or become cute gifts for loved ones and friends. Also, it is a bonding experience for both parties when they can go shopping for art supplies or collect rocks together. Discover fun and creative art and craft ideas here.


Dig In The Dirt!

Staying indoors is safe, but it can get boring sometimes. One of the engaging activities for seniors to create lasting memories with their grandchildren is doing some gardening. When it comes to gardening, children can learn so much about the world around them and how to achieve sustainable living through gratifying activities like sowing seeds, repotting mature plants, pulling weeds, and harvesting ready-to-eat produce. The best thing about seniors digging in the dirt with grandchildren is that it provides a sense of accomplishment in witnessing the complete cycle of the plant, from sprouting to fertilizing. Gardening also helps release stress while giving seniors a chance to get up and move in a fun and unique way.


Get Creative in The Kitchen

As food connects people, spending time in the kitchen recreating delicious dishes is another low-key, fun activity grandparents and grandchildren can enjoy together. When cooking, grandchildren can develop real-life skills, learn more about recipes and culinary arts passed down through generations, and diversify their food palate. Getting creative in the kitchen also helps seniors develop healthy eating habits with home-cooked meals. Check the following for easy-to-make finger food recipes and heart-healthy recipes and snacks.


Venture Out!

Sometimes, the most exhilarating adventure comes from simple moments in life, such as spending the day together or going on a field trip. With fresh air and sunshine triggering a rush of feel-good chemicals, among other benefits, joining outdoor activities surely makes everyone happy and more energetic. Going for a walk around the neighborhood is a must-try if seniors are still mobile. Other outdoor activities worth adding to the checklist include fishing, visiting a local museum/park/zoo/farm/library, touring tourist attractions, trying out new restaurants or cafe shops in town, going to a nearby beach/pool, looking for critters, participating in scavenger hunts, etc.


Host A Movie Night

In recent years, hosting an at-home movie night has never been easier, with numerous movies available right at your fingertips on streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. It is the best opportunity for grandparents to build a deeper connection with their grandkids. When throwing a cinema night, take advantage of the projector to blast blockbuster movies. Set up a cozy seating area with plenty of pillows and throw blankets. Finally, don’t forget to provide popcorn, yummy snacks, and beverages for everyone to enjoy throughout the night.


Enjoy A Meal Together

Did you know that sharing a meal with others is an excellent way to connect on a deeper level? It is an ideal occasion for grandparents and grandchildren to stay up to date on each other’s current lives and latest achievements. At the same time, the conversation flows naturally on the table, so no one has to feel like they are being forced to spill the beans. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner, or brunch, there’s always a good time for sitting down together and striking up a conversation over tasty dishes and refreshing drinks.


Share Hobbies & Interests

Sharing hobbies and interests encourages a stronger bond between grandparents and grandkids. It provides a greater sense of belonging and accomplishment when both parties get the chance to share what they are passionate about, no matter the hobby. This is so meaningful in the sense that grandparents and grandchildren can learn something new out of their comfort zone through the introduction of new hobbies while appreciating each other’s individuality. Grandchildren can also learn wisdom from their grandparents through simple, daily activities. Plus, spending quality time with grandchildren can add more years to seniors’ lives, making them feel young again. Introduce them to the new hobbies here.


Read Favorite Books

It can’t be denied that books are an endless source of inspiration and knowledge. That’s why gathering to read books is one of the most engaging activities for seniors to try with their grandkids. Besides the fact that reading contributes significantly to children’s language development, critical thinking, and imagination, seniors can reap plenty of benefits from reading books with little ones as well, such as mitigating stress, preventing dementia development, and enhancing cognitive functions. Start with borrowing books from local libraries or downloading ebooks to Kindle or smartphones. The must-try activities can be discussing the plot after completing a genre or taking turns reading each other’s favorite passages.


Go Through Old Photos

Sometimes, looking through old photos is one of the most wholesome activities seniors can do with their grandkids. By sitting down and dusting old photos from albums together, grandparents and their young ones can have a good laugh over memories imprinted forever in the photos. Moreover, seniors can reminisce about their lives over the years while telling stories to their grandkids about life and people back then.


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