Exploring Senior-Friendly Travel Tours: Adventure and Safety Combined

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Retirement can mean many different things for seniors. As the average lifespan increases, seniors now have more time to do things they didn’t have a chance to do when they were busy raising their family and managing their career. Some retirees enjoy retirement by spending more with friends and family, while others are busy checking […]

7 Social Media Apps Older Adults Should Take Advantage Of

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Many believe that senior citizens can barely do tech, but it’s been estimated that seniors are joining the virtual world by force, given the host of exceptional benefits it offers to seniors’ quality of life. Read on to learn more.

The Dangers of Senior Isolation

Senior Isolation Dangers

Senior isolation is more common and more dangerous that you may realize. See how it differs from loneliness, risk factors & tips to avoid it.

Home vs. Senior Living: How to Choose

home care vs senior living community

When choosing between home and a senior living community, a thorough assessment of the current situation can help ease the way. An honest look at needs, help required and finances can go a long way toward making the best decision.