Clubs for Seniors: Finding Community and Connection

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As our family members age, finding ways to maintain their social connection and sense of purpose becomes increasingly important.  Senior clubs offer a vibrant solution, providing opportunities for friendship, stimulating activities, and a renewed sense of belonging. Here’s your guide to understanding the benefits of senior clubs — and how 12 Oaks can support your […]

How Socialization Enhances the Lives of Those with Dementia


According to reports, there are 10 million new cases of dementia per year. The number of people with dementia is forecasted to triple in the next two decades. The impacts of dementia can be unsettling. It is known to create a slew of physical and mental changes within a person. In other words, they can […]

10 Interesting Montessori Activities for Parents With Dementia


Although Montessori was originally for children of varying ages, the creative learning method has become a breakthrough approach in caring for seniors affected by dementia. Scientists and health experts believe that the translation of Montessori can significantly benefit seniors in many ways, from reducing agitation and increasing social interaction to promoting independence and reconnecting seniors […]

Poetry and Other Writing Activities for Seniors to Enhance Their Minds

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Believe it or not, writing is much more versatile than we thought. It is not exclusive to students or professional writers, but many age groups can join and start crafting their full stories or retelling unforgettable events in their lives. Many research studies find that reading and writing can help seniors stave off memory issues, […]

6 Inspiring Books About Retirement and Aging


Planning for retirement can be challenging. There are many vital elements and aspects, both financial and non-financial, of retirement planning that can overwhelm new retirees. Handling post-retirement life can be difficult without a well-thought-out plan and trusted navigation. Besides working with financial advisors, you can learn more about life beyond retirement and keep yourself posted […]

How to Deal With Stubborn Aging Parents?

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Growing up and taking on the caregiver role, you always strive to provide the best care possible for your parents. However, stubbornness may get into the picture when the time comes, making it more challenging to look after your parents. They no longer accept your help or consider your advice. They may even become completely […]

9 Fun Activities Elderly People Should Do to Avoid Memory Loss

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How often do you hear your parents complain about not being able to locate car keys or forgetting the names of their year-long neighbors sometimes? While forgetfulness is normal to some extent, mainly if you are under heavy stress, these subtle signs in seniors indicate that they may be transitioning to a not-so-exciting stage where […]

5 Books About Dementia to Help You With Your Elderly Loved Ones

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Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia are difficult for seniors and caregivers alike. Guiding seniors through this tough stage of life with intuition, utmost devotion, selflessness, and persistence sometimes is not enough. That’s why learning more about dementia and Alzheimer’s is so important. It helps caregivers better prepare for unexpected situations, solve day-to-day issues, […]

6 Inspiring Books Our Parents Will Enjoy

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Books are the ultimate source of inspiration, knowledge, and entertainment. Read to discover six inspiring books your parents will enjoy with every page turned.